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Manchester Terror Attack

These cowards started celebrating Ramadan early. Ramadan will begin on May 26 and will last till June 24. Manchester Terror Attack. At least 22 people are dead and 119 more injured after a suicide bomber targeted Ariana Grande concert goers at Manchester Arena. Salman Abedi or Salman Ramadan Abedi was identified as the suicide bomber, 22-years-old. […]

May 22, 2017


Thank you! King Vajiralongkorn

Thank you! King of Kings Vajiralongkorn Thank you for being a Cool Dude! Thank you for showing/sharing your pretty lean+mean body in style! So Sexy! I Like 🙂 Thank you for bringing a smile on our faces by being the Joke of the party! Thank you for being you and disregarding the rest! Thank you for humiliating the […]

May 18, 2017

The Sporty King Vajiralongkorn

Cheers up, Thailand! The new King of Kings has landed safely in Thailand yesterday. The Sporty King Vajiralongkorn decided to leave his home country “Germany” to come over to claim his long waited fortune of more than $30 Billions and reign over Thailand. They say: Thailand’s new King has big shoes to fill and he […]

November 30, 2016

The Pride Of Thailand.

The grieving new King decided to leave Thailand and fly to Germany for his Stem-Cell treatment. Rest assure! He will be back as soon as possible to claim his billions and resume his duties. We all understand his sacrifices for spending 2 long weeks in Thailand for his father’s funeral. Get your Stem-Cell fix, fly […]

October 30, 2016


The Deadly Box Jellyfish

A 20-year-old German woman, Thies Saskia died at a popular Thai resort island after being stung by a box jellyfish. 3 died in 14 months in Thailand from one of the world’s most toxic jellyfish. Thies Saskia was taking an evening swim at a Koh Samui beach when she was stung by the jellyfish, whose sting can […]

October 8, 2015


Get ready Europe! Time to meet your new neighbors! The destabilization of Europe. 90% of the illegals entering are Muslims. On April 16, when a boat start sinking and the Christians on board started praying to Jesus. They were told, you can’t pray your Christian’s prayers on our boat. They were thrown overboard and died. Amazing Islam, the religion of […]

September 5, 2015

RIP Foo Foo

What a sad day for Thailand. No more “Foo Foo”. No more Birthdays. He died alone without his beloved Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn or ex-Princess Srirasmi. Simple funeral service was conducted, doesn’t match his high military rank as an Air Chief Marshal. Who will be the next Thai Royal Dog! Did Dog Foo Foo has any Royal Puppies (Royal […]

February 4, 2015