Sydney Siege

R.I.P Heroes

34 years old Tori Johnson tried to disarm the Iranian Sheikh scumbag. 38 years old Katrina Dawson leaves behind 3 children,aged 8,5,3 died protecting her pregnant friend from gunfire.

Australia was under siege by an extremist Muslim who terrified Sydney for 19 hours.

  • I am disappointed at the police for letting Sheikh scumbag on the streets with that criminal record. He should be in jail long time ago.
  • I am disappointed at the police chief who didn’t give an order to a sniper to shoot that Iranian scumbag. I saw at least 2 clear shots. one shot, one kill.
  • I am disappointed at the Australian government for letting someone like that in Australia. The constitution is for decent, civilized humans and should be modified to deal with that breed of extremists who slaughter people without any regard for human life, worst than animals.
  • I am disappointed at the ignorance of people about Islam. They watch the news, they see people get slaughtered like chicken, churches get burned, girls get raped because they are Christians and they simply don’t care because it’s happening far away from home but now, it hits home. Wake up people.

To the Australian government, monitor these scumbags communications. Forget about civil rights and constitution, when you deal with that breed of scumbags. Protect your citizens. That scumbag, just opened a closed door. Copycats and extremist saw how easy to hijack the whole city. Christmas and new year are coming soon. Watch out.

The people in south of Thailand where teachers, monks and innocent civilians get killed on daily bases by Muslim insurgents, where 5 bombs can explode in the same area in one day. Over 6000 killed since 2004 and thousands more injured. They wake up everyday to go to work and they don’t know, is today will be the last day. It’s not a good feeling. I am sure they are watching the international media coverage of that Sydney Siege and wondering Why our lives are so cheap, a teacher or a monk get killed by the insurgents. They just wash the blood off the streets and life goes on, like nothing happened.

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