Surprise.. Surprise.. PM Prayuth.


Junta leader General Prayuth Chao-ocha has been elected Thailand‘s prime minister by a majority military family assembly.

The Counter Corruption Commission has conveniently said the incoming junta members do not have to declare the assets they amassed before and after holding office.  That is in contradiction to the policy for elected officials before the coup. No accountability.

Before the coup, the army top Generals were only stealing millions with a long list of procurement scandals. Now, it’s a Gold mine. The whole country economy is in their hands and believe me,  they have dirty corrupted hands.  No one can question or challenge them. Fiscal budget approved worth Bt2.57 trillion without a dissenting vote.  I did like when General Prayuth asked after his Budget Speech, “Does Anyone Disagree with ME?”. No Sir, Yes Sir. Yes Sir. We all AGREE.

“While the village funds are cancelled. 10 billion baht dropped for the north and north east. The defense budget has been increased by 5% and budgets allocated for Bangkok’s infrastructure are not affected”. Wrong way to start General PM “Pray…U…th…”.

The prosperity that junta promises to create will serve the Elites and urban middle class in Bangkok. It will deepen the precarious social rifts in Thailand.

Photo” Royal Endorsement for General PM Pray…uth… was in front of the King’s Photo, because the King is so disoriented to figure out “what is the heck going on”.  Parkinson’s disease and depression is taken a toll on the King’s health and his days are numbered. Sign.. Sign.. Endorse.. Endorse..

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