Corruption in Thailand

Corruption in Thailand well rooted in every fabric of Thailand’s way of life

Today News:  “medical, engineering and science university students (smart students not these dumb-ass corrupt future Thai police officers) were paid between 20,000 and 30,000 baht to help 295 students cheat in the police academy entrance exams by writing down the answers in large letters and let them copy the answers.”

The Royal Thai Police is corrupt to the core. Starting from the police academy entrance exam, all the way up to the top ranks. Before, I thought they are only Corrupt but now, I know they are Dumb. To pass an entrance exam, they have to pay “smart students” to give them the answers.


That explains all these unsolved/cover up crimes because they are stupid+corrupt as fuck. People are being thrown out of buildings, That “dumb+corrupt” police call it a suicide. People are being hanged with their hands tied behind their backs, they call it a suicide. People are being killed and dumped in the sea, they call it a drowning.

Welcome to Royal Thai Police. Everyone makes money according to their rank. It’s all about the money. Just don’t piss off the wrong people, because if you do. You will find yourself assigned to southern Thailand Police unit and there is no money to make in that area, only Blood and let’s hope, it’s not yours.

Thailand’s most sensational crimes, the prime suspects are often the police. Bribery, corruption, protection rackets , murder and the widespread torture of suspects, at least 1000 people dies in prison or police custody easily a year. Business protection money and bribes that targets bars, agogos, night clubs, illegal gambling casinos and any business the police can target to get their monthly cut “Tea Money”. It’s better than Mafia.

Every time, the low ranking police in Thailand needs money. They just set up a traffic checkpoint and get their money by intimidating people with traffic violations.

If I was in charge. I will fire all of these corrupt+dumb fuckers. No hope in that corrupt police force. I will start with a new blood, a new breed that Protect the Law, not Break the Law. Value people, not Money. Seek justice for the weak and poor. You are not on the payroll for the rich and famous. 

Former Thailand's Police Chief, General Somyot Pumpanmuang (Net Worth = 355 million-baht)
Former Thailand’s Police Chief, General Somyot Pumpanmuang (Net Worth = 355 million-baht)

How a lifelong career in the public service could have made these top ranks police officers, a millionaire many times over. Thailand Police Chief ‘s net worth is one billion baht, the former police chief’s net worth was 355 million baht. Enough Injustice. People are fed up. 

Thailand's Police Chief, General Chakthip Chaijinda ( Net Worth = 1 Billion Baht)
Thailand’s Police Chief, General Chakthip Chaijinda ( Net Worth = 1 Billion Baht)

I just read that story about the Dumb Thai Police that destroyed the whole family:  “Because the police remembered the wrong license plate number, an innocent schoolteacher was imprisoned for one year and six months for a hit-and-run road accident that resulted in a fatality in 2005.

the-police-remembered-the-wrong-license-plate-number-an-innocent-schoolteacher-was-imprisoned-for-one-year-and-six-months-for-a-hit-and-runYesterday , the Legal Aid Center for Debtors and Victims of Injustice revealed to the press new details in the case of Jomsap Saenmuangkot, 54, a school teacher from Sakon Nakhon who went to jail as a scapegoat for a hit-and-run accident in Nakhon Panom province. After she was freed under a royal pardon in 2015, the center helped her gather evidence and brought the true perpetrator to justice.

On March 11, 2005, Jomsap Saenmeungkot was with her family in Sakon Nakhon when a car accident in Nakhon Panom resulted in a casualty. A police officer recognized the culprit’s car plate number, but unfortunately, he remembered the number incorrectly, he recalled the one that belongs to Jomsap instead.

Although the 54-year-old school teacher insisted that she was not even in the province where the crime occurred, she was accused of causing death by reckless driving. In 2013, the court sentenced her to three years and two months in prison. She was released under a royal pardon in 2015, having spent one year and a half in prison.

Working with the Legal Aid Center, police found the real hit-and-runner who confessed to the crime in court, and thus can prove that Jomsap is innocent. The new trial is scheduled on Jan. 16, 2017.

The case has gravely damaged Jomsap’s life and family. Without her as the provider for her family, her son has had to give up his higher education. After being released, Jomsap still cannot resume her 31-year-long job as a school teacher because she needs to wait for the court’s official exoneration.”

Now, it all make sense. They are stupid as fuck, low IQ to perform simple tasks. That “Scapegoat” term is always used in their Book of Injustice, just to close any unsolved case so they look good on books. What a Pathetic police force.

Let’s not forget these cases of the brilliant Thai Police, “Dead in Koh Tao”

Luke Miller, 27,  from the Isle of Wighht, who fell to his death on the Thai Island of Koh Tao on Friday evening. He is pictured on Koh Tao with Nichola Gissing

Or the 2 Burmese scapegoats used for the Koh Tao murders of Hannah Withridge and David Miller

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  1. After visiting Thailand for 30 yrs I will never ever go near that hellhole again, i was there in september and the police were openly mugging tourists for money in the street, they came up to me and and said you were driving down a one way street, I didnt even have a bike, They then said you pay me 1200bht, i said no, his reply, oh you go jail, in the end i got to pay him 600bht, saying thats all i had.
    My friends who are expats out there are having there condos taken off them after police said it was a drughouse, A guy who is 75yrs 0ld had his house taken off him and sentenced to 5 yrs in prison after he refused to pay police 1million bht…
    My advice,..keep well away

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