Prayuth Talk.


Is that for real, what I am hearing. Is that talk of a prime minister. Prayuth needs a lot of help, on how to behave, respond, answer questions, act as a prime minister of Thailand. I know everyone around him, is like “Yes Sir” “Yes Sir”.

Enough of that trash talk and ass kissing. Someone advice that “man in control” before it gets “out of control”.

  • Prayuth said about tourists: “They think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can do whatever they want, they can wear bikinis and walk everywhere.” He then added: “….can they be safe in bikinis… unless they are not beautiful?”.

Is that for real. After that brutal, sick murder crime. You are placing the blame on wearing a “Bikini and being Beautiful” or was that suppose to be a stupid joke in a gruesome murder.

What I get from that stupid Prayuth talk.

  1. Don’t come to Thailand because it’s not safe.
  2. If you are pretty “don’t wear bikini” only “ugly ones can wear bikini”.

About students violence in schools. Prayuth said “Any institutions  found to not be able to control their students and curb fighting will be ordered to close immediately”.

Is that your way of improving the Education system in Thailand. Close the colleges because of the violence. But most of these students shootings and killings happens off campus. Is that a National problem or College problem. Get your facts straight before you mess it up more.

Get a real fix for that national problem.

You went and swept Phuket clean of all these local vendors. Now, they have no job, no income. They go ask what we do now. We need jobs to feed our families. What Phuket governor response was to them “Don’t come to me ask for help. You better find another job so your families don’t starve”.

Prayuth, don’t waste your time writing a song about “Happiness”. Just do your best to bring “Real Happiness” to the Thai people.

Prayuth, don’t waste your time producing “Romantic Comedy movie”. You already created “enough Drama” for the Thai people.

Prayuth, get to business and enough of that “Mumbo Jumbo”. You better have a clear policy to help the poor people. Sorry, I forgot, you are only here for the “Elite”.

  •  The only talk, Prayuth understands is black magic, superstitions, feng shui. Let’s see what Prayuth said about his rings “he calls them his best friends”He explained to reporters about his rings and a bracelet that he has worn for a long time due to traditional mystic and religious beliefs.
    “The four rings which are named Wan-Phra, Wan-Namoh, Wan-Sondej, Wan-Noppakao. When I wear my [army] uniform I have to move them to my left hand, because wearing them on the right hand makes it hard to salute,” he said.

Well said and explained PM Prayuth. I feel a lot better now, to know that you have good friends that can give you a good advice as soon “you point your finger”.

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