Stupid “Buffalo” Farang

Buffalo = Kwai = Stupid. A lot of Thais think that “Farangs” are stupid because it’s so easy to take advantage of them and usually call them these names with a wicked smile, which is despicable. But in that case , an exception is granted!

Mr Boss man 

Swiss man attacked by Thai man in Pattaya

At around 4:00 am on Nov 26, 2017 at Soi 16 on Pattaya Second Road, a Swiss man decided to walk to a Thai on his bike and turned the key to switch off the engine because the bike was making too much noise while he was buying food. The Thai reacted by throwing a punch. The Thai drove off but came back after a couple of minutes with a piece of wood and hit the Swiss man several times over his head.

Who gave you the right to walk to someone, sitting on his own bike , minding his own business and put your hand on his bike’s key and turn the engine off. I don’t know what’s your problem! After a couple of drinks, you felt like a superman and thought that small short Thai will be an easy target to show off your power, “fat + out of shape” Big man. You are lucky that he came back alone, not with his buddies, you are lucky that he came back with a wooden stick not a machete. Don’t you ever feel that you are superior to Thais, Because of banging a couple of Thai girls in walking street. Next time, just mind your own business.

Don’t DO – “Stupid Buffalo Farang”

Don’t disrespect the Thai Temples for a couple of likes on Instagram. A gay American married couple (Joseph Dasilva, 38, and Travis Dasilva, 36) had been arrested on Nov 28, 2017 at Don Mueang International Airport because they showed off their nasty butts in front of Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) in Bangkok and posted their nasty photos on Instagram.  They did the same at Wat Trai Mit Witthayaram (Golden Buddha temple) in Bangkok. The Buddhist temple houses the world’s largest solid gold Buddha image. They were fined 5000 Baht and are waiting for more charges that can land them in Jail “Bangkok Hilton” that will put their nasty butts in use.

Have respect to their culture and their Temples

Forbidden City

Angkor Wat
Mount Kinabalu – Malaysia

Have some respect and decency 

A couple of years back – 2015, Leicester City Football manager Nigel Pearson’s son, James Pearson, Tom Hopper, a striker and goalkeeper Adam Smith filmed themselves committing depraved sex acts with 3 Thai girls in their hotel room while barraging them with racist, derogatory abuse. “Come on … you slit-eye.” She is “f***ing minging… an absolute 1 out of 10” and much more.  Afterwards the three watched the women indulging in lesbian sex acts.


How stupid can you be!


You make fun and degrade the Asian race and your club owner is Thai “Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha”. He is the founder and CEO of King Power Duty Free, an operator of duty-free shops, worth $2.6 Billion. He is the one paying your salary and your Dad’s Salary too!

The Thai girls didn’t complain. I am sure they had a great time to be with stars like that.  I am sure with their limited “English”, they didn’t understand their racist or derogatory slurs. It’s the English media that highlighted the incident for whatever reason!! It’s a little bit too much! To visit their country and degrade them too.


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