Spy On

Prayuth-Spy-onWas that a show of power between 2 corrupted Thai authorities that squeezed foreign nationals in the middle!

10 armed soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Division travelling in 3 Humvees arrested 9 businessmen from an Israeli technology firm while were demonstrating surveillance equipment to police officers at the Royal Thai Police headquarters yesterday, citing the military’s authority to do so under Article 44 of the interim charter, that allows soldiers to detain individuals without charges.

They were taken by soldiers to the 2nd Cavalry Division base, where they were questioned and then released without charges.

Spy On

That surveillance systems will give Thai police the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone. They can spy on your messages and phone calls. That’s why every prepaid mobile phone SIM card in Thailand must register their personal details with their mobile network before July 31st.

Don’t panic or worry Prayuth. That software allow you and your corrupted gang to block certain phone numbers from being tracked so you can continue your wicked corrupted tactics.

Will the Thai police buy the complete surveillance package so they can take control of your own computer too and your video cam so they can spy on you, inside your own house and listen to your conversations. They will even spy on your poor cat! No more privacy in Thailand’s Junta.

Prayuth-Chan-ocha 10

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