Songkran in Thailand

Songkran is the traditional new year’s day in Thailand and falls on April 13-15. In Pattaya, Songkran is extended to April 19, more money for Sin City. The whole country comes to a stand-still for a couple of days while everyone cools off by splashing water during the hottest month of the year.songkranSongkran

Songkran involves the sprinkling of water by younger people on the older people as a tribute of respect and blessings. While pouring the water, people utter good wishes and words of blessing for the New Year. The water symbolizes cleansing, refreshment of the spirit and all good things associated with life.Songkran-Thailand

Sprinkling scented water from silver bowls on a Buddha image is a ritual practiced by all Thais on the 3rd day of Songkran, known as Wan Payawan. This is the first official day of the New Year and on this day people cleanse the Buddha images in homes and temples with scented water.

As part of the water sprinkling, water splashing and string tying rites, you may also encounter a person with a small silver bowl filled with a white powder or pasty substance. The white paste is a sign of protection and promises to ward off evil. The paste is applied to the face and neck.

That’s the way Songkran festivities used to be, honor Buddha and the elders. Nowadays, Songkran became the world’s largest water fight mixed with drinking, lewd behavior and deadly road accidents.

I will show first, couple of pictures of celebrations in Issan. You will notice how the girls are dressed and then we will move to Pattaya and Bangkok where they get undressed.

Rules for Songkran

  • Don’t Dance naked or dress less. Arrest and Jail time will be granted to all the super sexy dancers by Junta. Cover up, a traditional Thai dress will be great.
  • Advice to all the foreigners, Don’t act stupid so you don’t get fined and arrested
  • Everyone is so drunk, street fights and road accidents are sky high. 

  • In Pattaya, The dirty water from the beach will be available to keep the party going and the tourists happy in Sin City and Walking  Street.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive. We don’t give a damn about your life or death. We just worry about the innocent bystanders. Songkran is known as the “seven dangerous days”. because of drunk driving and heavy traffic.
  • Songkran, Thai new year, the world’s biggest water fight is almost here. Guarantee, you will get wet, not only with a splash but with buckets of water. White powder will be rubbed on your face. Everyone is drunk and you are a fair game. It’s all for fun, so join the party or get out of Thailand during these festivities and stop complaining. They will rub white powder on your face. If you are a sexy pretty woman, they will take advantage of Songkran to touch+grope and get you “water” wet.

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