Simply Wicked in Walking Street!

You are the Wicked one. Burn or Turn and get out of Thailand. You don’t come to a country to walk around screaming and shouting in a language, they don’t understand. Cursing them, calling them Hookers, disrespecting their religion and eating habits. Jesus has nothing to do with wicked people like you. You are disgrace to your religion and your country. Oh well, what do you expect from a former drug addict, a crackhead, was locked up in a mental institution, worked as a cleaning lady and used to live in her car (I didn’t make that up. It’s a fact. She stated that in another video). Now, the church is paying her money to travel and do that “shit” called Preaching. It’s a miracle!

You have to watch the video to see what I am talking about. She had 22 minutes of screaming and shouting in walking street, Pattaya. My revised version is only 9 min.

Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (6)
Meet the wicked preacher! Who is She!

She decided to quit her business “Cleaning Houses” and start preaching!, after hands were put on her and guided her. She started living in her car with her 8 years old son and preach, “Street Preaching”. Now, the church is paying for her trips to travel all over the world to preach and spread the gospel. Only in America. What a waste of money!

Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (2)
The Thai girls are confused, they have no idea what that crazy lady is talking about!

I told her: I saw “Evil and Wickedness” coming from you in that video. Not from these hardworking girls standing in the streets trying to make a living to feed their families and above all minding their own business. I don’t know who gave you the right to walk around cursing people calling them “hookers and pimps”. Real Christians don’t have these words in their vocabulary. Rather than wasting your time, walking around, mocking people. Get on your knees and pray for them to be saved. Let your christian actions speak for itself and I didn’t see any. I just saw a wicked evil woman. Walking around talking in a language no one understands. You brought disgrace to your faith. You brought disgrace to your country. I hope that trip of yours called “preaching” wasn’t paid by donations by good Christians for you to travel around and act as such. Anyway, I feel sorry for you, for your limited mind, for the way you talk, for the language you use. I pray for your lost soul. May Jesus forgives you for all the sins you did in these 21 minutes. Matthew 15:11

She replied: The Bible uses the Word “Whore” several places. I have prayed several times for these people today. Yes, real Christians are paying for my travels. Fear God and obey Him. God bless, thanks for comment

Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (8)
She shout “don’t go in there” “God is watching”. The Thai guard gave her the perfect answer “It’s not your Business”
Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (4)
She saw a Black guy walking. “The Pimp is working tonight”! Nice to be a racist preacher! God Bless!
Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (5)
The stupid cleaning lady said “Only in a wicked city as such, people eat Bugs”. Now studies show that eating Bugs are very healthy!
Wicked-American-in-Walking-Street-Pattaya-Thailand (7)
I think you should worry about the sexual abuse of the children in your church by the trusted priests who “Preach”. It’s safer for the children to walk in walking street in Pattaya.

Anyway, watch that crazy woman in walking street, creating nonsense called “Preaching” and spreading the gospel. Anyway, in walking street, it’s all in the open. We don’t pretend and we don’t hide. Not as in your church, where JIM BAKKER, went to prison for defrauding his followers out of $158 million and was committing adultery with church secretary Jessica Hahn or JIMMY SWAGGART or PETER POPOFF, not to mention the child molesters and the list goes on and on.

By the way, I want to join that church so they pay for my travel expenses! Not, I will pay my own expenses.

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  1. she is really messed up. obviously not everyone is blessed with a working brain.
    i have a lot of respect for ladies that do sex work for earning money for their family and children. more respect compared to some politicians in the country where i am coming from.

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