Secrets, Lies and a lot of Money.


After the damaging report of torture by the CIA about “black sites” in Thailand, 2 ministries issued out official statements denying any existence of these secret prisons in Thailand.

Yesterday, Prayuth said these CIA black sites had nothing to do with Thai authorities as it is an internal matter of the United States. ( At least he didn’t deny it, like the other 2 ministries)

  • I am trying to make sense out of that “Prayuth Nonsense“.
  • What happens in Thailand by USA, has nothing to do with Thailand authorities and it is an internal matter of the United States. I didn’t know that Thailand is one of the states in America!
  • Prayuth, the CIA pays a lot of “Cash money” for these secret torture prisons “Black sites”, “Ghost detentions”.
  • Prayuth, anything that happens on Thai soils, is Thailand internal matter.
  • Who got these millions, that’s a lot of cash money. Not “Ghost money”, it was meant for “Ghost detentions”.
  • Usually the CIA stuff these millions in cardboard boxes or suit cases, when paying corrupt government like yours.
  • Please, if anyone see a cardboard box or suit case loaded with 600 million baht. Please, return it to the CIA because it’s a USA internal matter.
  •  I am sure the Thai people didn’t see one baht from these millions, because it’s a secret. It didn’t exist. It’s a USA internal matter.Thailand-CIA-Blacksites

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