Sad News about Prayuth

We hate to inform the Free Thai people that the fallen Tree missed Prayuth’s car and injured 2 bodyguards. Let’s all hope and pray that next time the whole tree fall on Prayuth’s head, not some branches.

Prayuth’s convoy was leaving the National Science Center for Education on Sukhumvit Road this morning when falling branches knocked down two bodyguards following the junta chief’s car on their motorbikes.

  • Is Prayuth going to arrest the Robot for giving him 3-Fingers salute? Oh, no. That Robot is so smart, 4-Fingers salute. Prayuth is not good in Math. he is looking and counting the fingers raised. That can be a lot of Jail time “Robot”, Lese Majeste charges goes with it too. 
  • To everyone who was asking questions about Prayuth 600 million baht wealth and Prayuth told you guys “Stop asking questions, it’s personal” Now, Prayuth decided to Chair Anti-Corruption Committee.

Who can complain now and if you have any complains, send it to the chair of  Anti-Corruption Committee “Prayuth” himself !!!

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