Rubbish Collection. องค์กรเก็บขยะแผ่นดิน.

In recent days Royalist extremists (the Elite Blood Suckers) had set up what they called, the Rubbish Collection Organisation to deal with people who oppose the royalists, the military and the conservative ruling elites.


RIP…”Mai-Nueng Goontee” or Kamol Duangpasuk was a radical Red Shirt poet. He was gunned down on Wednesday in cold blood by assassins as he left a Bangkok restaurant.

Hospital director and former general, Dr. “Rientong Nanna” founded the “Rubbish collection organization.”, that Rubbish group had announced that some anti-monarchists elements needed to be handled by ‘special means,’ which could be implied as encouraging violence.” They are responsible for their first death “Kamol”. They have blood on their hands.

This is a sad day for Thai democracy. While the fanatics hunt down people who dare to criticize the elites, accusing them of lèse-majesté, Those who commit violence on the streets against pro-democracy activists continue to enjoy impunity.

The “Elite Blood Suckers” can’t win any elections voted by the people. The only way to stay in power by assassination and intimidation. They just resort now to  lèse-majesté to justify their criminal activities. The sad thing is the corrupted army is on their side with these bought out generals. To be in a high position in the Thai Army, Police or Judicial system. You need to have connections. The sad reality, is that network of connections is “the Elite Blood Suckers”.

  • People just complain about Thai Police corruption because they face it and see it on daily basis, but the Army corruptions is in Billions. The army budget has doubled since a 2006 military coup. The Thai military is a perennial source of cost overruns and corruption allegations. Who forget the 350 million baht purchase of a leaky surveillance blimp and more than 700 UK-made GT200 bomb detectors that turned out to be an embarrassing scam. They are lumps of plastic with no working mechanical parts.
  • The Thai People are getting politically smart now.  They Know and they will react. Enough is Enough.

Dr. Rienthong Nanna and his “Rubbish Collection Organization have launched a witch-hunt for lese majeste offenders, setting family members against each other.  He urged his supporters to arm themselves with weapons for combat with what he called the anti-monarchy movement. “Rubbish” was set up to “exterminate” people who “insult”’ the monarchy.

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