Rubber or Rice

Thailand’s government will start buying rubber directly from farmers at prices of up to 45 baht/kg, to cool off the disgruntled farmers as prices dip to a 7 year low. 

Rubber farmers supported protests in 2014, leading to a military coup ousting Yingluck, of course the killer monk Suthep promised them the stars but they ended up hitting low rock bottom.

! How stupid can you be! You are prosecuting Yingluck for buying the rice above the market price and you are doing the same with rubber.

You got scared from the people’s uprising and listened to the snake “Suthep”. I thought for a second that you are the big boss who runs the show. I forgot that you are only a Puppet in that show!

Anyway, You have immunity, you can do whatever you want in JuntaLand. Time to drop the charges against Yingluck. No Double Standard! Sorry, Boss. I forgot, you have No Standards! Steal her money! 

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