Royal Thai Police Corruption in Pattaya.

If Thai police in Pattaya can do that to a guy with that size, money and criminal record. It simply shows you, that the Burmese has no chance of any justice. Zero chance.

Who is Tim Sharky: [Abounded by his parents. Grew up in the streets of New Zealand. Moved to Gold Coast in Australia. Illegal activities, Loan Sharking. Australian court fined him and closed his loan shark business. Tim moved to Pattaya and turned Pimp for beach road girls “coconut bar”. Stabbed a Canadian tourist in 2012. Tim bribed Pattaya police and got away with the stabbing. ]tim-ward-sharky

Tim Ward (Sharky) wrote. “Thailand Mafia Police .. This is my story .. I want you all to know how the Thailand mafia police work …. On Saturday the 27th of September 2014 one of my apartments was broken into .. The building security phoned the police. . single Uniform One officer turned up doing .. He Started His Job, Asking questions and Taking Notes Around 10 minutes later .. Then 7 Plain Clothes Police turned up .. They completely took over .. They Started ransacking My Apartment, Pulling clothes out of draws and making a complete mess .. Effectively they were destroying all and any evidence of the original break in .. Then one of the police searching my bedroom mysteriously found 2 used crack pipes .. Here we go .. Welcome to Thailand. .. Now not only has my apartment been broken into, I am also under arrest for drug use .. I was taken to Pattaya police station .. By this time I was going berserk .. Yelling and demanding to have my blood tested for drugs. , demanding to have the crack pipes tested for my fingerprints, and demanding to see the search warrant that allowed them to enter my apartment in the first place .. I was really pissed off …. So anyway .. I never did see the. crack pipes again .. They disappeared as mysteriously as they first appeared .. I never was given a blood test to check my blood for drug use .. And I never was shown a search warrant that allowed the police to ransack my apartment .. After. 2 hours of being held against my will I was free to return home .. The end result .. Well over 1 million Baht of currency and gold gone .. This was your classic Thailand mafia police stand over robbery bullshit .”




Tim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya-ThailandTim-Sharky-Pattaya (14)Tim-Sharky-Pattaya-Thailand


8 Replies to “Royal Thai Police Corruption in Pattaya.”

  1. is he a pedophile or something based on the second picture? I believe Thailand is not usa, there are no rights recognized there. corruption is a lot easier to have and hide then the usa with all the bloggers and camaras everywhere. If you go to a different country expect that you could be targeted.

  2. Interesting replies full of innuendo, conjecture and base humour. History is full of stories of police abuse and I have no reason to disbelieve until it is proven otherwise.

  3. Big body doesnt mean big dick. And I am happy that he was in trouble. He paid money for sex. So the end was as it is.

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