Royal Endorsement.

General Prayuth comes dressed in a white uniform and flanked by more than a dozen other military officials, addressing the reporters in Bangkok, saying he had received a Royal Endorsement from the King to head the ruling military council, to run the politically unstable country and warned of a potential crackdown on people protesting military rule.

More Power to you General. Nice white uniform, you have on. Nice self celebration for your Royal Endorsement. But why there was no Royals present. No Royal Blessings. Was the Royal Endorsement Verbal or Written. Who relayed that “Royal End……..orsement” to you.

Let me think, it must be “Perm Tinsulanonda”.¬†He is almost Royal anyway. I am sure Perm drafted a nice Royal Endorsement for you and set the guidelines for you to follow.

Long Live the Thai People..

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