Prince Vajiralongkorn Justice

Vajiralongkorn Justice is brutal! The Phra Khanong provincial court on Friday sentenced 3 brothers of former princess Srirasmi to 5.5 years in jail each, without suspension, for lese majeste, forcibly detaining others, theft and illegal possession of firearms.
“Lese Majeste” crushing machine got all the family of ex-princess Srirasmi. Job well done for Thailand “injustice” system for following the orders and guidance of the future king of Thailand, Prince Vajiralongkorn.

What now! prince “Sia O”! Go after her neighbors and their dogs, arrest’em all. Have no mercy.

Srirasmi’s brother was so close to prince Vajiralongkorn. He was his bodyguard while he was spending most of his time in Germany with his mistress. The crown prince was still married to Princess Srirasmi at that time.

Years later, the crown prince had a baby boy with his mistress, divorced Srirasmi, married his mistress and the bodyguard Srirasmi’s brother sent to jail with almost every member of Srirasmi’s family. Amazing Prince! Amazing “Royal” justice!

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