Thailand PM Prayuth is a Broken Bridge

Cheers Thailand! Thailand PM Prayuth released on Wednesday another song called “Bridge” for the new year.

I feel so motivated and inspired with that “Mumbo Jumbo” from Thailand PM Prayuth. A kid can write better than that Garbage!

Lyrics by Prayuth Chan-ocha {Highlighted in Blue}

It might’ve been a while since I’ve been fighting for you, The land I love so much. You always in my heart.

The Fighting Fool!

Fighting! When, Where & Who! A Security Guard for Queen Sirikit!

From a security guard for to the queen to the top post of the army for his connections and skills for standing 10 steps behind the queen. Well qualified!  After a Coup in 2014, the security guard became Thailand PM. Outstanding!

Queen Sirikit during her visit to Houston, Texas, in 2002. Note her two bodyguards in the black suits — Prayuth Chan-ocha and Tanasak Patimapragorn.
Queen Sirikit during her visit to Houston, Texas, in 2002. Note her two bodyguards in the black suits — Prayuth Chan-ocha and Tanasak Patimapragorn.

Thailand PM Prayuth Thailand PM Prayuth

Or Maybe, Killing your Own People! What an Honorable Man! Real Fighter! Anyway, Red Shirt blood is allowed in your fighting book!

BANGKOK, THAILAND – MAY 15: Red shirt protesters cover the face of a man killed by Thai military as the violence in central part of the city escalates on May 15, 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand.

When I face a fast river current, or great obstacles, How do I get you through tragedies?

Go ask your fortune teller “Warin” so he can go and ask the holy Himalayan man! 

Thailand PM Prayuth meets fortune teller Warin Buawiratlert during his visit to Chiang Mai on Sunday"Himalayan holy man"

(Bridge) Don’t lose heart, because I never give up, My two hands won’t let you go, Don’t be shaken, I’m asking you. I’m ready to be the bridge for you to cross.

One Hand always busy!

Cambodia’s Deputy PM Gen. Tea Banh with Gen. Prayuth
Cambodia’s Deputy PM Gen. Tea Banh with Gen. Prayuth
Prayuth picking his nose in the back with World leaders
Thailand PM Prayuth picking his nose in the back with the world leaders

The Nepalese ambassador to Thailand, Khaga Nath Adhikari, visited Thai PM Gen. Prayuth at the Government House today.

I’ll take you to the destination you’re dreaming of, like I intend to, I’m ready to be the bridge for you to cross into cool and fresh comfort. That day isn’t far off, What we dreamed of will come true.

What I promised on that day, I’ve been fighting for it with my heart, Every time I fall, I get up again,
I was born to live for you, my treasured land, I’ll repay you and fight for you until I die.

You are a Broken Bridge! A Bridge to Nowhere! 


A Bridge of Lies! A Bridge of Spies!


Dec 16, 2016: Thailand’s parliament passed a cyber-crime law that strengthens the junta’s ability to police the web and squeeze out criticism.

Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra voiced her displeasure Tuesday at allegedly being followed by undercover officers while on vacation. “On this New Year’s trip to relax and see nature with my family, I never thought I would be followed so closely by plainclothes officers and security officials,” she wrote. Their inspection of shops and places I visited is not within the scope of regular security patrolling,” she wrote. “I’m just a woman and citizen who’s taking my son to visit tourist areas that we have never visited before.” She recommended officials find something else to do. “At this time, state departments should use their human resources to take care of citizens rather than tracking my movements,” she said.

Prayuth response: The officers who were following Yingluck, had been assigned to ensure her safety. But I have told them not to take so many pictures and then he added “Stop Complaining too much”!

What a Man! He takes care of his Citizens! Viva Prayuth!


Back to that damn “Bridge” Song

We will do what we promised, We are asking for a little more time, And the beautiful land will return, woah!

More time! 3 years are not enough! What! You need, a Life time!

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