Prayuth on Black Magic.

General PM Prayuth said on Thursday that Black magic is being used against him. He has accused anti-coup opposition groups of resorting to the use of black magic against him.

“Today, I have a sore throat, a pain in my neck. Someone said there are some people putting curses on me. I had so much lustral water poured over my head, I shivered all over. I’m going to catch a cold now.”

Oh my Buddha. Who told you that?. Who is that “someone”?. It must be “Warin Buawiratlert”. Did “Aajaan Warin” brainwashed  you already. Who is running the show now, you or him.

Did “Aajaan Warin” asked the Himalayan holy man and the holy man told him “it’s black magic”.

Don’t worry  Prayuth. If that black magic is really working, you will be dropped dead by now. Don’t forget that Barang and yasang comes from up north where you are so hated. Where so many red shirts were arrested and killed.

I hope you don’t come back later, after you mess up Thailand in every way possible and say it was the black magic who did that not me.

Go to your doctor and get some medicine as normal reasonable people do. Do not go to your magic doctor “Warin“.  I told you before don’t let a Himalayan holy man run the country.

To all the “Black magic and Voodoo” people in Thailand. Watch out, General Prayuth is coming after you now. What a weak black magic, you guys do !.  Only, sore throat and neck pain.

Prayuth said that he had conducted his own counter-spell ritual, which would help ward off the supernatural curses.

Usually that “Black magic = sore throat + neck pain” takes 3 – 5 days for normal people. It doesn’t need all that Mumbo Jumbo.

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