Prayuth’s money.


  • Gen Prayuth and his wife have declared a joint worth of 128 million Baht in assets ( 598 million Baht before he moved the money out of his account to his father and daughters) . Amazing Prayuth, from 598 million —>  128 million.
  • 2011 Mercedes Benz S600L and a 2009 BMW 740Li, and more than 10 million baht in jewelry and luxury watches, including 3 Rolex. He also owns more than half a dozen handguns..
  •  Prayuth’s declaration included the transfer of 268 million baht to his father and brother, and a further 198.5 million baht to his daughters. Those amounts were listed as expenses and were not part of his total assets. 
  • 1.4 million baht ($43,000) annual salary as army chief and he has all these millions. Makes you wonder. How he has 20 million dollars and his salary as army chief only $43,000 /year. Only in Thailand  !!!

According to the NACC, the wealthiest minister in the cabinet is Deputy Prime Minister MR Pridiyathorn Devakula with a net worth of B1.38 billion and no debt.

The second richest is PM’s Office Minister ML Panadda Diskul with B1.31 billion baht in assets. He is also without debt.

I am sure all these millionaires in the post-coup cabinet “Millionaires Club” will take care of the poor people in Thailand and lift up their living standards.

Personally, if I have too much money. I will never go buy a Rolex watch. I will help someone with that money to improve their life.

Greed rules and the rich in Thailand keeps the money in the family to get richer. It’s all about money and power. Who cares about the poor who go to sleep hungry, cold or sick. 

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