Prayuth Media

Gen Prayuth is seen addressing reporters during a recent visit to the northeastern province of Khon Kaen, patting a kneeling reporter’s head and scratching behind his ear.

Prayuth has Thai media as he wanted it to be.

  • On their knees.
  • I didn’t see that reporter face or mouth. I hope he has his mouth intact. “Mouthful” can’t speak or express his opinion.
  • I didn’t see that reporter hand. Did he has that safe “one finger salute”.
  • Pat them like little dogs.
  • Prayuth feels so powerful in front of these puppets. Bring some students from Khon Kaen to put him in his place.

Prayuth said about detaining the 3-fingered salute. “I don’t know whether it is illegal or not but it could jeopardize their futures”. I tell you what “Prayuth”. It’s illegal. Don’t detain them, don’t destroy their future. 

When a reporter asked Prayuth if they’re permitted to criticize his flaws, Gen. Prayuth responded angrily. “What have I done wrong? Tell me!

What have you done RIGHT “Mr Perfect”. Not a damn thing. Just return that 600 million baht land sale to the Thai people and go join the “killer” Suthep and become a Monk .



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