Prayuth in Khon Kaen.

Prayuth decided to go to Isaan to talk to the people and listen to their issues and problems. But in reality he just like to hear himself talking and praise his accomplishment, which I don’t see.



He started his visit with Khon Kaen. 5 law students of Khon Kaen University were arrested for the 3 fingered salute and wearing a T-shirt “No Coup”.

I really don’t know what these law students were thinking. What you study in the law books, doesn’t work with junta’s law. You will get a taste of Prayuth’s Law in action.

I just hope you come out of this experience alive, one piece, with your 3 fingers intact.


If they take you to the police station. The hard working “Royal” Thai police, will come and tell you. You need to pay 100,000 baht and we will drop the charges. If you ask him, why it’s too much. We thought your bribe is only 20,000 baht. He will tell you. Your case went to the judge and that money will go to the judge.

Who to believe. They all crooked. Judge, police and in between. The whole Thai justice system is corrupt to the core.


My advice to you “law students”. Just pay the money, go to a loan shark, borrow the money, or sell your family land. Just pay the damn 100,000 baht and get free.

Anyway, when you finish your law school. You know now, how to make that easy money. It’s a teamwork. Collaborate with the corrupt “Royal” Thai police. Get people arrested and charged for crimes they didn’t commit. Then, ask for 100,000 baht to let them go free. That’s called Thai justice.

But if they take you to an army camp. I don’t really know what will happen to you there. You are on your own.

Anyway, I admire your courage and standing for what you believe in.


Prayuth exact justice:  5 students=5 police officers.

5 police officers were demoted because they failed to prevent anti-coup Khon Kaen students activists from humiliating Prime Minister Prayuth, during his speech in Khon Kaen.

The police officers were transferred from Khon Kaen Police Station to the Region Four Police Operation Center.

The reason of the transfer is reportedly because the five failed to maintain law and order during Prayuth’s speech at Khon Kaen Provincial Hall,

The five police officers are: Pol Lt Supakon Kamsingnog, Pol Lt Phongrit Kongsirisombat, Pol Maj Lt Anusak Sakdhawacharanon, Pol Col Lt Jiratchatigun Jaraskamolpong, Pol Col Lt Chatchay Timnigul

Hard working day for the corrupt useless “Royal” Thai Police. Let’s arrest some students with 3 fingered salute. 



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