Prayuth in Italy

Gen. Prayuth is representing Thailand at the 10th annual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Milan from 16-17 October.

Protests against Prayuth in Italy! I thought Junta has banned political gatherings of five people or more. Not in Italy! 

To everyone protested against Prayuth, will be charged with Lèse majesté  law against “King Prayuth”. If you think, you are safe because you are in Italy. Junta will wait for you when you come to Thailand. 

To the few Thai people who work in the Thai embassy, that showed up with flowers. Reward cash bonus money will show in your bank account today and promotion will follow.

My advice to Prayuth while in Italy:

– Don’t answer any reporter’s questions. The way you talk to the media reporters in Thailand, foreign media will rip you apart for talking that rude nonsense sh*t as you do in Thailand.

– Don’t talk to the smart, well educated leaders who are elected by the people and work for the people. That way you don’t expose your incompetence. Stick with the Cambodian and Myanmar leaders. You will just fit perfectly.

– Stop talking immediately, if you noticed they are smiling or laughing. The way you talk in Thailand like you are in high hierarchy and the people are low ranking soldiers, waiting for your guided wisdom and advice. It simply, does’t work in Italy. I meant outside of Thailand “period”.

– Go shopping for the wife and the 2 daughters. You are in Milan. The world fashion capitol. Versace, Prada, Armani will be nice to have. I am sure you will be so busy Spending Thailand Money.

– Just walk around with that stupid smile on your face that will be your best option.

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