Prayuth forever! 1 USD = 50 THB


I started to like Prayuth. Now, everything is a lot cheaper for me. The Thai baht is going down hill, as of today 1 USD= 35.15 THB.

I feel sorry for the hardworking Thai people who are losing everything under Junta’s failed economic policies. Believe me, Bunch of corrupted army generals can’t run a country.

You tell  me Tigers of the East or Tigers of the West. I tell you what, keep these idiots in charge, another year under their failed policies, we will see 1 USD= 40 Thai Baht.

I remember couple of years ago, I USD = 29 THB or even less. I will be happy to see Prayuth in power for another 5 years to see 1 USD = 50 THB.

I have been waiting for the Baht depreciation for a long time and Prayuth in one year, gave us a silver opportunity. If he stayed longer, it will be a golden opportunity and buying property in Thailand will be a great investment, but not in Bangkok because it’s sinking and I want my property above water after 15 years.


You and your incompetent experts are dragging the country downhill in every sector, keep the good work.

  • Exports are down.
  • Farming is down with the drought and these poor farmers will be deep in debt with no money, unable to pay for their kids schools and education. What is your plan? or they are not counted. They are Buffaloes no Elite!
  • Public spending is down. Private spending is down. Household debt is skyrocketing.
  • The only good sector is Tourism, mainly from the Chinese .
  • Thai aviation failed ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Safety test and was “Red Flagged”. Any country now can step up and ban Thai carriers from flying to their cities. I thought Thailand is only famous with their dangerous roads but it seems “No Safety” standards whatsoever! Dangerous Roads. Dangerous Skies. Dangerous Seas!
  • Not to mention, Human Trafficking and the involvement of the corrupted army generals, police and government officials and Thailand is on Tier 3 and it doesn’t get lower than this.
  • Europe are close to ban Thailand seafood products because of the Slavery conditions and abuse in that billions dollar business.

Prayuth stay in Power. No need to reshuffle your failed cabinet. You are doing a great job so far and on track to destroy the Thai Baht. Let me see, 1 USD = 100 THB.

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