Prayuth Etiquette.

Prayuth goes to Apec Summit in China. While the world leaders discussing the global issues. Prayuth is picking his nose, digging for gold inside maybe. Who Knows!

Prayuth. Prayuth. You represent Thailand now. The whole world is watching. No more soldiers around you. No more “I am the man in charge”. These are world leaders. Smart, Capable and confident. If you don’t Fit, you must Quit.¬†

Rule #1. No Nose Picking.


Humiliating! Can someone, anyone. Give¬†Prayuth a crash course in international diplomatic etiquette. I will pay for his training. Don’t embarrass Thailand, no more.


Lesson #1 to Prayuth. Look and Learn something you will never have “Soldier” called “Elegance, Charming, Charisma”

Look and Learn, Prayuth on how to act when you represent your country

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