Prayuth Mumbo Jumbo.


Religious superstition is “a heart in a heartless world”. It is a sign of desperation in insecure society.

Superstition in Thailand is a great tool for the ruling class. People who believe in Mumbo Jumbo are less likely to question inequality or injustices that they face in their daily lives. If they suffer they might blame fate or “Karma” rather than confronting the government. The elites and the middle classes need to believe this and that is why they are extremely superstitious themselves. What a way to be in control and justify that control by that Mumbo Jumbo.

Superstitious Prayuth, just wasted 252 million baht on Mumbo Jumbo. Government House has undergone its first major refurbishment in decades. The NCPO approved a budget of 252 million baht for the renovations on July 22.

The money has been spent on renovating buildings including the Naree Samosorn building, the two Command buildings, the Thai Khu Fah building and Ban Phitsanulok.

Gen Prayuth, who also heads the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), told a council meeting last Tuesday that someone asked him for information about the date and time when he was born so it could be given to feng shui masters to help arrange the Government House premises in line with feng shui beliefs. “But I didn’t give him the information. I don’t believe in feng shui,” he told the meeting. He lied because he believes in that Mumbo Jumbo more than anyone else. The proof is 252 million baht, wasted on that Mumbo Jumbo.

But as it happens, the Prime Minister’s office at the Thai Khu Fah building has been newly furnished, with a whole new set of carpets and sanitary facilities.

In particular, the prime minister’s chair was also changed to a new, brown one. The chair occupied by ex-premier Yingluck Shinawatra was black.

In the prime minister’s office, a set of altar tables has been arranged for a Buddha statue which was moved from Gen Prayuth’s office at army headquarters, the source said, adding that a separate altar has also been prepared for deities to protect Government House.

All buildings on the premises have now been painted yellow, adding the color is believed to bring good luck to people born on a Sunday. Gen Prayuth was born on a Sunday. All red flowers were also replaced with yellow ones.

Thai Khu Fah Building has been covered with a new layer of asphalt.

This was a symbolic gesture to replace the “old path” stepped upon by Ms Yingluck and other former premiers, adding that Gen Prayuth has a collection of auspicious rings. The rings he wears vary from day to day to suit his tasks.

Also known as geomancy, feng shui, which means wind and water, is the ancient Chinese art of arranging houses and structures to harmonize humans with their surroundings, and to bring them good luck.

Gen Prayuth is due to move in and begin his job as prime minister at Government House at 8.19am tomorrow, which falls on the 9th day of the 9th month. For Thais, 9 is an auspicious number believed to bring good luck, the source said. Gen Prayuth will pay respect to all the holy statues at Government House before chairing the first cabinet meeting tomorrow.

Gen Prayuth has told cabinet members to dress in the phra rajathan silk shirt for meetings, instead of formal Western suits. Privy Council president and former prime minister Prem Tinsulanonda was the first prime minister to wear the phra rajathan shirt in formal settings and he stills wears it today.

On Thursday, Gen Prayuth said he might be the target of black magic, saying anti-coup elements resorted to using that magic against him. He said he had to douse himself with holy water to ward off the negative effects of the black magic.

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  1. I wonder how the younger generations will view their ancient culture in the years to come. It must be confusing for many of them to be brought up in a culture where questioning anything is almost taboo. Then they have all the tools to look afar and see people in the rest of the world questioning everything!!

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