Power Fix

Prayuth, you have article 44. You have absolute Power to do whatever you like. Why don’t you fix that “Death Trap” called Power lines in Thailand. 

A tropical thunderstorm on Monday afternoon caused citywide havoc and traffic nightmare after it knocked down trees and power lines on busy streets and forced the BTS skytrain operator to suspend service on a Silom Line section. Strong winds and heavy rain, which began at about 3pm, brought down 14 power poles on a section of Sarasin Road. They blocked the road and damaged 22 cars.

Whoever did that lousy job, must be hold accountable! Disregard for human lives to make extra Baht for the big boss. Thai Corruptions on display. They are so lucky with these high voltage power lines, no one was electrocuted. Thai Lives matter.

I will never forget that British tourist “Scott Mitchinson, 30” who was electrocuted when he stepped in a puddle containing an exposed power cable during heavy storm in Pattaya as he walked back to his hotel with his Thai girl and those who were nearby could do nothing to help for fear of electrocuting themselves.

Pattaya Power Lines! What a dangerous Joke!
Pattaya Power Lines! What a dangerous Joke!

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