Police vs Army.

Is it a Turf war between 2 gangs. Is it a struggle for territory, power and control. That Ukrainian businessman messed up by hiring the army soldiers to do the kidnapping. Let me tell you “dumb” Ukrainian. The “Royal” Thai police is responsible for Kidnapping, extortion and ransom business in Thailand. Next time, make sure you hire the right gang for the job. Thai Police vs Army conflict of interests.


Police arrest Thai soldiers for abduction of Ukrainian couple

Phuket: Ten men, five of them soldiers from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, have been arrested for taking a Ukrainian couple hostage overnight and then demanding half a million US dollars (B15 million) from them.

But what should have been a smooth operation to get the money ended in the ten being arrested.

The Thais had freed Maryna Iermanova, 32, before taking her husband, Igor Iermanov, 37, to the Kasikorn Bank in Rawai, confident that she would not risk telling the authorities.

But she went immediately to Chalong Police Station to ask for help.

Mrs Iermakova said that she and her husband had borrowed half a million dollars to promote their multi-level marketing business.

Col Chukiat said the businessman in the Ukraine hired the five soldiers to collect on the debt.

After releasing the woman, the 10 took Mr Iermakov to a Kasikorn bank branch in Rawai, but discovered that there was only 1 million baht in the account.

They then took him to the Kbank branch near Chalong Circle – and near Chalong Police Station – where the abductors told their hostage he could give them a cheque for the money but ordered him to call his wife to meet them at the bank.

Travelling in three cars, the ten with Mr Iermakov arrived at the bank. Told of the rendezvous by Mrs Iermakova, the police were waiting for them and arrested them before they could go inside.

The five soldiers, when caught, were in possession of a variety of weapons, including 11mm pistols and Heckler & Koch 33 assault weapons.

They have been charged with kidnapping and demanding money with threats. It is not clear how the Ukrainian businessman was able to hire the soldiers.

Just in case if someone knows or can identify that person. Of course the Thai police will say, he went swimming and drowned. Case closed.

07.50 p.m. Dec. 16th, a body was found on the beach in the area of Nakhon SI thammarat Pak phanang sop. The victim had no identification on him, Or a Head. Police are searching missing persons files for that area.

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