Playing Bridge in Thailand

They have the authority to arrest 32 old retired peaceful Farangs for playing bridge. No gambling for money, they are just playing for fun. But “No”, no more Fun in FunkLand.

No way, It’s JunatLand. lets come up with something to arrest these 32 old Farangs, detain them till 3:00 am and fine them 5000 baht. 32×5000= 160,000 Baht, not bad. Tea money for Songkran!

Was it a Free ride to Jail or they had to pay that 10 Baht!
Was it a Free ride to Jail or they had to pay that 10 Baht!

Here we go, Playing Cards Act of 1935. The law prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards at one time, and requires decks to have official government seals. Wat a Low!

Detained in Thai Police Station until 3:00 am + fined 5000 Baht/each

Detained in Thai Police Station until 3:00 am and fined 5000 Baht. They were forced to sign gambling confession to be allowed to leave the police station, if they refused they would be detained indefinitely. After hours being detained in a room at Pattaya police station, a lawyer advised the group to sign the documents. Their passports were confiscated. 84-year-old German woman with a walking stick was the only player who refused to sign the declaration, saying “no way would she declare she had been gambling when she had not, and to hell with it, she would take whatever was coming, good or bad and (there was) no paying bail for her”. Wat a Lady!

The Bridge “Criminals” getting finger printed!

They are playing in a Bridge Club and that 81 years old law of yours is obsolete. Stop Playing Games!

“The police told me that I would have to give them 150,000 baht in the next 20 minutes if I wanted to get out of jail,” Mr Watson said. “When I told them I didn’t have that much money, they asked for 50,000 baht instead.

Mr Watson was released about 5:00 am on Thursday, though his passport and driving licence are still with the police.
All of this was just the result of conflict that the restaurant’s owner has with a local lady with connections. Welcome to JuntaLand!

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