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Pattaya – World’s Sex Capital

December 5, 2017 Leave a comment Thailand

Pattaya – World’s Sex Capital

2 years ago they came with that brilliant idea of taking the sex out of Pattaya – World’s Sex Capital. That didn’t workout for Junta till now and the sex business is still booming like no other business. The power of money rules Thailand and that sex brings a lot of money to the Thai collapsed economy. Most of the buildings in Pattaya on the beach side of walking street have been encroaching illegally and should be taken down but the law of money surpass the law of land.

The first female minister of Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul had no experience related to Tourism but she is married to a Police General and from a rich elite family who owns %45 of Toshiba Thailand company that makes her qualified enough for Junta to run the Ministry.

Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, has announced her intention to rid Thailand of its status as a sex tourism destination and to clamp down on prostitution. “We want Thailand to be about quality tourism. We want the sex industry gone”.

2 years on the job and the sex business is still going strong, beside a couple of raids on Agogo bars with a couple of arrests for indecent acts. The day after, they open but their payment “Tea Money” to the corrupt police will increase accordingly.


If you take the sex out of Pattaya, that city will be dead. There is nothing in that city worth visiting. The beach is so dirty, it’s like swimming in a sewage where you will catch skin infections, rashes and in-between.

The money machine in that city is Walking “Fucking” street where you can find all the night life that your heart desires.

Prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand but with police corruption, it becomes legal with a lot of benefits.

Many sex workers come from Isaan, one day in Pattaya selling their bodies will bring them more money than a whole month salary doing a regular job.
Their ultimate goal is to get married to a rich Farang who will provide for them and their families. A house in Isaan and a car will be a dream come true.

The Sex industry in Pattaya brings a lot of money to Thailand and employs a lot of poor girls from Isaan. It’s not only the money spent on the drinks and short time sex that matters. Most of the big money comes when a Farang gets married to a Thai girl and then bring all his retirement money and savings to Thailand to settle down.

This is the quality tourism in Pattaya. Grandpa goes to Agogo bar in Pattaya and bar-fine half of the girls! Only in Pattaya!

If you take out the Sex of Pattaya. What about these Thugs, Scumbags and World Criminals who are enjoying life in Sin City! Where will they go!

Before taking down the sex business in Pattaya, you are not only destroying Pattaya but a lot of families will be affected in Isaan.
Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, “The rich elite minister with money and privileges who her parents spent BT11 Million on her 4 years education in USA”. I hope that you have a great replacement plan for these poor girls who are the only source of income for their families in Isaan.  
Building a House for the Wifey in Isaan, Thailand
Thousands of Farangs got married to Thai girls from Issan, built houses and became a very essential source of income to the whole village. It’s not only the house. It’s their whole savings, their retirement money and their daily spending that brought billions of baht to one of the poorest areas in Thailand. Good for Issan.
A prayer for Buddha to bless the house

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