Pattaya Fights

Pattaya-Ladyboy (4)That’s a “normal daily fight” in the Land of Smiles, more exciting than that boring “Fight of the Century”. Thai Ladyboy fights better than Mayweather “The Undisputed Champion of the World”. What a joke with a lot of Millions! I have no doubt in my mind that a Muay Thai fighter can beat Mayweather easily with 1000 baht, not $180 million.

Pattaya-Ladyboy (2)Pattaya-Ladyboy (1)Pattaya-Ladyboy (3)Pattaya-Ladyboy (5)

They beat ladies too. They don’t care. All that action is free of charge. You just sit down, relax, buy a drink and watch these bloody fights, front and center. Not $294,000 / front-row seat ticket for that lousy “Fight of the Century”!

Ladyboy-attack-lady (3)Ladyboy-attack-lady (2)Ladyboy-attack-lady (1)

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    1. * The fight with the Irish guy, happened last night. The Ladyboy hugged him. He pushed him/her away. High heel on the head.
      * The Ladyboy was trying to get the husband of that Polish lady. The Polish lady was attacked with a high heel. That happened a month ago.
      Both of these incidents happened in walking street in Pattaya.

    1. The hormone therapy makes them aggressive and they need a lot of money to be a Sexy Ladyboy. Who is going to pay for that ! The drunk Farang, just approach him at 3 am while walking by himself drunk, give him a hug, you want a good time sexy man. steal his wallet and vanish. Easy money. The bloody fights happens when that Farang push him/her back and he is not 100% drunk.

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