One Year in Hell.

General Prayuth. Last Tuesday, you requested  threatened to be asked easy questions and cheer you on. I just want to ask you an easy simple question! . Why are you so weak!

During your Royal Endorsement. I looked at your face and I saw tears in your eyes.

You are the man in charge, to run the country. No tears. Be Strong. If you have no clue, what are you doing. Just step down and let it go. No pride in here now. Its Thailand future in your hands. Wipe your tears and stand strong.

In a national televised address more than a week after seizing power, army chief General Prayuth said.

“The “ruling military regime” have a time frame of one year and three months to move towards elections,”

General Prayuth outlined a three-phase process:

  • Reconciliation between the factions which he said would take up to three months.  

I would like to see that happens. No second class citizens, no water buffalo. I would like to see the Elite share “Thailand wealth” with the north. Only 3 month to fix that divide. But you are not helping by going arresting the Red Shirts. Forget about that “Time to Think” and be fair. Anyway,”Talk is Cheap”. We will see in 3 month.                  

  • Temporary constitution would be drawn up and an interim prime minister and cabinet chosen to enact reforms. “This process will take approximately a year, depending on the situation,” 

That’s when a “Tailored Constitution” will be drafted to give the Elite, a chance at the Vote Booth. Makes me wonder, how far and how deep you are going to change the constitution. Time will tell. We will “wait and see”. { if you have been called a water buffalo by the Elite before, then you can’t vote. But, there is no water buffalo in the constitution. Wrong, not the new constitution. Look. You see. No Vote for the North}. 

  • “The third phase will be democratic elections”.

Another “Cheap Talk”. I don’t see anything democratic since you took power. Just release all the detainees. They don’t need “Time to Think”. They need to go back to their families.

Lift the curfew. Tourists are not coming, Thai girls are fleeing to Singapore now. Investors pulling out of Thailand stocks and bonds. Baht is losing value. The economy is going downhill.

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