Oh! My Buddha!

Baby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (6)The baby had been stabbed 14 times, some stabs penetrated his lungs and then buried alive face down under a tree. The baby was named by hospital staff, Ai Din “Scent of Soil” was saved by the soil, that stopped the bleeding from his wounds.

The baby was found by a lady walking her cows in Khon Kaen on Tuesday evening. She heard the baby crying, she started digging, the baby was lying face down in a shallow hole. His body was covered with wounds, a plastic bag tied around his neck.

Baby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (5)Baby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (7) Baby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (2) Baby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (4) Thai-nurses-hold-a-newborn-baby-at-a-hospital-in-Khon-Kaen-provinceMedical-personnel-at-Khon-Kaen-Hospital-monitor-the-condition-of-the-critically-wounded-baby-on-WednesdayBaby stabbed, buried-alive in Khon-Kaen (3) It amazes me, seeing people trying to put life in a “Luk Thep” doll and treat them like a real baby while others taking life out of babies. Scary world of ours, when Humans become Gods, taking life and creating life! 


Let’s hope & pray that little fighter who came to our world in a cruel way, unwanted, stabbed & buried alive, survive that inhuman world of ours and become a strong man who value life and human decency. 

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