Naked in Bangkok


Nagwa Bassre, 20 year old Moroccan woman decided to go for a nude walk at Soi 3 in Bangkok.

Nagwa Bassre

Sadly a day later, she was arrested by the corrupt Thai police at Lumpini police station, after her video went viral on social media.

  • Maybe, She was on drugs.
  • Maybe, She was offered a lot of money to walk naked in Bangkok streets by a good Muslim Rich Arab. Just for Fun.
  • Maybe, She felt hot and wanted to cool off.
  • Maybe, She was looking for attention and felt like a movie star walking on the red carpet.

Morrocan Naked in BangkokI don’t think she deserves to be arrested:

  • She showed courage and self confidence. It’s not easy to walk naked in the streets of Bangkok.
  • She is a good Muslim woman and she doesn’t eat pork.
  • She kept her walk of fame or shame in the Arab area of Bangkok where all the good Muslims hang around and pray their 5 daily prayers on time even during their sexual activities.
  • She was a naked advertisement for tourism in Thailand.

To all the good Muslim women, follow Nagwa Bassre, drop the veil and walk naked in any street. Be Free and Stay Free.


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  1. WHAT THE FUCK??? COURAGE!? how is this courage? A woman is walking NUDE in the streets that is disrespectful and there are children and A LOT of children who arent supposed to see a naked woman. How would u feel if your daughter or sister walked naked on the street? Not so couraging huh?

    There is no standard anymore

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