A Naked British tourist in The Streets of Bangkok

A naked British tourist in Bangkok, Leonie Graves, 35, had been missing for several days before she was spotted walking naked around 2:30 pm, near Khao San Road. The police tried to talk to her but she got scared and started running, they chased her and covered her up. She was taken in a van to the local Chana Songkhram police station. Naked-French-tourist-in-The-Streets-of-Bangkok

A police spokesman said: ‘The woman was found without any clothes. She was uncooperative and has not said anything. She wasn’t making any sense. She will not say what happened to her and she refused to answer any questions.’

The Professional Thai Police while she is in distress state, they are smiling for the camera!

Another Causality in the Land of Smiles. Was she drugged! Was She raped!  Did someone spike her drink! It’s not normal when she disappeared for a couple of days and then showed up naked, disoriented, confused and scared in the streets of Bangkok with bruises on her thigh.

You have to be drugged to be able to walk barefoot on the streets of Bangkok during the peak of a very hot day.

The woman’s parents saw their daughter’s photos in the media, her mother flew to Bangkok to reunite with her.

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