My “Sia O” King

I am so disappointed of “Sia O” . I thought my crazy King will be brutal and swift with these corrupt thieves around him. I expected that my mighty king will arrest and lock all these corrupt officials, Junta and the rest of the gang. Give them “time to pay” all the stolen billions and seize their money or send them to LaLaLand.

My King has been in power for so long and nothing had happened to clean that corruption mess and bring the money back to the Thai people.

The mighty King of Kings!  Vajiralongkorn with Goy at Segmüller furniture mall in Parsdorf, Germany on April, 25, 2017
Colonel Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi (32), the mistress of the king, is in uniform

I always wonder! Why he spends most of his time in Germany with his friend Goy, looking like a fool with his fake Tattoos and Skimpy T-Shirt. the-king-of-kings-Thailand

My “Sia O”! Thailand doesn’t need a thousand thieves. One thief is enough, that’s why you are a King! 

Vajiralongkorn and his friend Goy at Riem Arcaden mall in Munich - June 10, 2016.

Vajiralongkorn’s-villa-on-the-exclusive-Lake-Starnberg-in-southern-Germany - 10 million euros
Vajiralongkorn’s-villa-on-the-exclusive-Lake-Starnberg-in-southern-Germany – 10 million euros

King Vajiralongkorn and Goy in Bavaria, Germany after a bike ride. Time for drinks!

I always wonder, what is wrong with my mighty King! Is he a mental case! Is he a German King or Thailand’s King!


The King of Kings – The Pride of Thailand

Princess Srirasmi sits in her birthday suit attending the lavish birthday party, attended by 600 guests as it’s so normal, so cool. That’s so “Thai Royal”.
Princess Srirasmi sits in her birthday suit attending the lavish birthday party, attended by 600 guests.

Shout out to the King of Kings – Maha Vajiralongkorn. Thailand’s new King. The pride of the Nation. To all the loyal, well educated citizens of Thailand, Crawl before his feet and recite “ใต้ฝ่าละอองธุลีพระบาทปกเกล้าปกกระหม่อม”  “May the power of the dust on the soles and the dust under the soles of your royal feet protect my head and the top of my head.”


Click on the links below to know, Why he is the King of Kings!

What a waste of a Sperm!


His first wife – His first cousin
His 2nd wife and his abounded sons
His 3rd wife – Srirasmi
General Suthida Tidjai (41)

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