Mor Yong no More

Who is responsible for the fall of Mor Yong! The famous divine fortune teller!

Suriyan Sujaritpolwong, One of Thailand’s top fortune tellers, whose name was bestowed by Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn in 2008, also known as Mor Yong was arrested on lese majeste charge last week.

Mor Yong wasn’t busted by these Thai Generals who crawl on their knees when they see him!

Mor-Young-with-Thai-Generals-on-their-knees- Mor-Young-with-Thai-Generals-on-their-knees0

Mor Yong wasn’t busted by Prayuth who had him under control with his super divine Mumbo Jumbo!


He was busted by that moody, unpredictable Prince Vajiralongkorn . Mor Yong was a main figure in organizing “Bike for Mom” event in August.

Crown-Prince-Vajiralongkorn-and-his-son-Dipangkorn2 Crown-Prince-Vajiralongkorn-and-his-son-Dipangkorn4

That’s why Prime Minister Prayut shocked everyone today when he said “he may need to remain in power as long as the country is not at peace”. Prayut is scared! He knows, Prince Vajiralongkorn will go after him as soon as he can! It’s a matter of time before we see Prayut charged with Lese Majeste and found hanged in his cell. Case closed! committed suicide and no more Prayut!

Who is Mor Yong!

  • Mor Yong wrote that when he was 7 and out selling newspapers to earn some extra money for his family, he was hit by Tuk Tuk and knocked unconscious. During those several days when he was unconscious, he claimed he had many visions that helped him become an astrologer when he grew up.
  • He finished Wichianmatu School in his hometown before going to Bangkok to attend high school at Triam Udom School. After graduating, he studied for a bachelor’s degree in mass communications at Bangkok University.
  • He became famous as an astrologer after he left university. His clientele included celebrities and famous figures from both Thailand and overseas.
  • He then went to London to obtain a master’s degree in advertising design and public relations.
  • He became a committee member of several social agencies, including the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and the Thai Buddhist Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage as well as in government agencies such as the Justice Ministry.
  • Mor Yong’s last public appearance, before his arrest on October 14, was when he co-chaired a meeting with PM’s Office Minister Panadda Disakul at the Public Relations Department on the “Bike for Dad” event that will be held on December 11.

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