Modern Monk !

Is that the new modern monk. flying in a private jet, wearing aviator sunglasses, carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, 40 bank accounts, houses, fancy cars, motorbikes with the public donations, having sex, drinking, dealing in drugs, guns, stealing, fighting. Losing my religion !

Monk slaps an English man on the train

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    1. A temple in Phitsanuloke province is to hand out five I-Phone 6 smart phones to people who attend a major merit-making ceremony to be held during December 27-January 4.
      This market gimmick employed by WatRatburana to lure young people to get into the temple has become of heated debates in the social media.
      Phra Khru Sitthithamwipat, the abbot of the temple, said today that the smart phones distribution was a policy of the temple too lure Thai youths to return to the temple and to become interested in Buddhism. He believes that youths will be attracted to the smart phone handout and will turn out in force to attend the festivities to be held on the compound of the temple.

      The monk said that just extending invitation for the youths to attend an event may not work. But distributing handouts such as smart phones might be an incentive to lure more people to attend the event.

  1. Not understanding the full concept of things does not make one a bearer of Truth !

    Anyone can Purchase Buddhist robes and pretend to be Buddhist and or Ordained a Buddhist monk.

    Buddhism and Being a Buddhist Monk is primarily to gain enlightenment by following Buddha’s very Strict and precise Teachings, path. Still those who choose to or not is their failing to leave behind them suffering and continual rebirth, they will not gain enlightenment.

    Those that fail to uphold the Buddhist monastic life are found and released from their monk-hood, even new laws pending in such majority Buddhist country as Thailand will make it a state law that those acting opposite to Buddhist precepts and Rules will face Disrobing, Public humiliation and even Prison.

    My numerous experiences with Buddhist Monks / Novices Find them Human, Candid, Honest and Noble, Faithful to Buddhism and monastic life. While many may choose to bring merit to their family by becoming a Novice, or Monk for Day, week, Month, etc still hanging onto their customary life and attachments knowing it is temporary, Not a life choice or commitment to monastic life …Those who choose to become a Monk never usual commit openly to a life as a monk rather to take the future as it unfolds, there is No commitment or pressure to stay as a Monk or even to become a monk when a Novice it is up to the individual and their personal honourable and noble desire.

    Monks may choose to Leave and go into Lay life and this is Freely accepted and often supported by staying at the Temple as a lay temple worker, etc.

    To Liable a whole faith due to the few who may or may not be ordained and or honest in their desire to Practice Buddhist monastic life is Highly delusional and very Unjust and wrong.

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