Miss Universe 2017 – A Tricky Question

A lot of people are saying that Miss Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp lost because of her answer to the final question. The host Steve Harvey asked her what she thought was her generation’s most important social movement and why! She had 30 seconds to answer that question.

Her response was “I think the most important social movement, so far, is that we’re having an ageing population. So the most important movement in our time is definitely the youth. So the youth is the future. The youth is something we have to invest in because they are the ones who are going to look after the Earth that we live in.”

Maria PoonlertlarpDid Maria understand that tricky question? Was it fair to ask a contestant who is living under an oppressed regime, a question that will land her in Jail if she answered it correctly.

I really doubt that she knew what is a social movement? Young people, aging society that is a wrong answer called “Mumbo Jumbo”.

arrested-for-a-stand-still-protest-for-the-arrest-of-10-people-on-wednesday-for-posting-messages-opposing-junta-at-victory-monumentMy Social movement will be standing up for our rights, getting rid of that corrupt regime and bring democracy back to the country. No more corruption, No more abuse, No more injustice. Power to the people and for the people.Thammasat-Chulalongkorn-Floats-Junta-Way thailand-junta-1

Oh well, that 30 seconds answer will land her for 30 years in Jail. I love that backward “Les Majeste” or defamation Thai law and that oppressed regime. Viva Junta. Viva The King!

Maria Poonlertlarp 6Miss Thailand Maria is pretty BUT the winner, Demi Leigh from South Africa was unbeatable.  I had no doubt that Demi Leigh was going to win so that question had nothing to do with the final result.demi-leigh-nel-peters-miss-universe-2017

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