Martial law or Prem law.

Godfather Prem has the Armed forces well under control for his Elite gang. It’s a Family Business. No one mess with the Family Business. Money, Power, Greed rules.


  • Too Many Weapons in Bangkok now with the Red Shirts. Red Shirts are so mad now. Police can’t control. Army moves in.
  • Army doesn’t consult the government. Army just declare Martial Law over night. What government?. You only need to execute orders from the Big Mafia Boss ” Prem”.
  • Don’t forget the threats made against the Twin daughters of Thai Army Commander-in-Chief Prayuth Chan-ocha’s by a Red Shirt supporter on Jan, 2014. That made it even more Personal.
    Taking them alive as hostages will be very good. But catching them dead is also worth it. Prayuth will know the taste of losing loved ones. “

The Red Shirts are fighting for their right to Vote, for equality and Justice. Against the Elite who are fighting for their right to drive a Ferrari in Bangkok streets “Joy Ride”. Fight Justified.

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