Mafia State.

Land of smiles or Mafia State, is full of division and deep hatred. The king’s physical and mental health is going downhill.

The Monarchy is good for that few Elite blood suckers in the circle. Queen Sirikit claimed her power shot with privy council president Prem Tinsulanonda who, along with others presenting themselves as royalists, worked with the PAD and other agitators for the 2006 coup that have contributed to the downfall of Thaksin.

Thailand violence Mafia StateAs a member of the royal family she is in theory expected to be politically neutral but the Queen always supported PAD, and that showed openly when she attended the funeral of PAD protester “Angkhana Radappanyawut” on October 2008. Anyway, the Queen health is deteriorating now after her stroke in 2012 and her power shot is gone.

Prem is fighting so hard now. Everything is against him and his selected blood suckers. An ailing king, is not going to be alive for long.

Perm is trying his best to block Prince “Maha Vajiralongkorn” from being the next king. All the fingers points to “Prem Tinsulanonda” about leaking that Dog “Foo Foo” Birthday party where Princess Srirasmi was sitting naked in front of 600 guests.

Perm is the one who leaks information about Prince Vajiralongkorn death and his health issues. They don’t want Prince Vajiralongkorn to be the next king even if they have to go to the extreme and assassinate the Prince.

Mafia on top is more brutal than Mafia on bottom. Billions on top while millions on bottom. If the prince becomes the next king of Thailand. Thaksin will be back to Thailand.

Thaksin will be running the show in Thailand. Thaksin has the upper hand with the prince (you have to read all my blog to know what I am talking about). Oh, My Buddha, if Thaksin is back on top, all these blood suckers “Elite” will be history.

Thaksin time for revenge will be brutal for them. They understand that and they will take all the measures to stop it. Bloodshed, assignations and extreme measures will be the norm during that period.

The wheel of greed and power will crush whatever and whoever stands on their way. Thai people are being played and manipulated. Their lives put at risk for their political goals. Thaksin was the only corrupted politician who cared about the “second class citizens”, “the water buffaloes”. That’s why I think Thaksin was genius. He has the majority of Thailand behind him. The power of Thai people will prevail at the end.

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