Lese Majeste Game

Last week, 3 suspects had been charged with Lese Majeste.

  • Suriyan Sucharitpolwong, a fortune-teller also known as Mor Yong.
  • Jirawong Watthanathewasilp, who is Mr Suriyan’s adviser.
  • Police Major Prakrom Warunprapa. He was found hanging inside his cell on Friday night.


Who killed Police Major Prakrom Warunprapa

Who cares! One less corrupt Thai Cop in that corrupted Royal Thai Police force!

Prakrom’s Assets

He was only a Police Major! Not a Police Colonel or Police General! Oh Well! Nice to be in that Corrupted Thai Police Force!

  • 30 rooms in La Maison Condominium on Soi Phahon Yothin 24, each one worth 500,000 Baht. 15 million Baht.
  • Hundreds of thousands of baht in foreign currency, including US dollars and Japanese yen, were found in his rooms.
  • Several cars, including a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes-Benz and a Toyota, were found parked on the fifth floor of the condo’s parking lot and the Bentley was Pongpat’s car. He just took it when Pongpat was arrested last year. 
  • 10 valuable Buddha amulets found in Pol Maj Prakrom’s safe belonged to Pol Col Akkharawut Limrat, the former chief of the Crime Suppression Division’s Sub-Division 1 and a former member of Pongpat’s network who died after falling from a building. Another mysterious death for another corrupt cop! Who killed that other cop last year and said he committed suicide! Who cares! One less corrupt Thai Cop and they are so many!
  • 3 guitars, including one worth more than 400,000 baht. The guitars belonged to Pongpat, who bought them from a shop in Pathum Thani.
  • Several Buddha images had earlier been seized from Pongpat’s network.
  • 200 radio communication devices and five signal antennas. Pol Maj Prakrom had taken the devices from the communications police, saying he needed it for work. He was using them for eavesdropping.

The man in charge of investigating Lese Majeste got Busted by Lese Majeste! Amazing Thailand

  • Police Major Prakrom Warunprapa was a superintendent at the Technology Crime Suppression Division.
  • He studied computer science and information technology in the United Kingdom.
  • He was assigned to trace and investigate websites and social media network for lese majeste content.
  • Prakrom has played a crucial role in the investigation of many lese majeste cases, including cases involving former CIB chief Pol Lt-General Pongpat Chayapan, the Pongpat network and Chatrawadee “Rose” Amornpat.

Why was he Killed!

  • He knew too much, he was eavesdropping and spying on everyone and I mean everyone in high places with his 200 communication devices and antennas.
  • If a police with a rank of Major was able to steal all these seized assets from Pongpat after his arrest last year, imagine what a police with a higher rank will take for himself. Nice to be in the Royal Thai Police! Hello Generals! If you wonder why the Thai Police are the ones who is running the drug business in Thailand. Now, you know. They seize the drugs, make arrests and take the drugs for themselves and sell it! Amazing Thailand!

The best case to convict someone is Lese Majeste! You get arrested and convicted in a lighting speed, like no other case! No one can question it or will get charged with Lese Majeste.

Job well done. Kill the guy and cover your dirty secrets! Who is going to steal his assets now! So many Generals in that Corrupt Thai Police Force waiting for that moment! Enjoy it, While it lasts!

I forgot to mention, the case was closed as he committed suicide by hanging! Welcome to Thailand’s Justice System!

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