Lese Majeste Disgrace.

Apiruj, Panita, and Wantanee Suwadee at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok, 27 Feb 2015
Apiruj, Panita, and Wantanee Suwadee at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok, 27 Feb 2015

The whole ex-princess Srirasmi’s family is locked in jail now. Father, mother, brother, sister and uncle. What a Thai Royal treatment. Good luck to the new wife of  Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and “her family”.

Police jailed the parents of Thanpuying Srirasm Suwadee on Friday after they confessed to charges of lese majeste and arranging false statements to put a woman in prison for 18 months in 2003.

Pol Maj Gen Thitirat said that the couple confessed voluntarily and was not forced to do so. We believe in Thai justice system! No intimidation! Solid fair justice! 15 years Lese Majeste or confess and get only 2 years! was that the deal!

Of course, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti is out of the Royal succession with his criminal grandparents. Anyway, Dipangkorn was officially out of the succession process after being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder long time ago.

Ms Sawita, a native of Wat Phleng district in Ratchaburi province, earlier told police that in 2003, when she was 20, her grandfather came to know Mr Apiruj. She said Ms Wanthanee accused her of having an affair with her husband. Ms Sawita denied the accusation, saying it arose from personal differences with Ms Wanthanee.

She claimed the couple used their influence to force her uncle, who was a police officer, to file a complaint against her with Ratchaburi police on fraud charges relating to money she had allegedly borrowed from him.

What a joke called Lese Majeste! What happened to that corrupt police officer! Not a damn thing!

She had to admit to the offence, even though she was innocent, out of fear of threats by the couple, she said. After the case was tried in the Ratchaburi court on in December 2003, she was sentenced to two years in jail, she said. The sentence was commuted to one year and six months.

Apiruj, 72, and Wantanee, 66, met with police on 9 February and denied the charges, telling the officers that they had never met their accuser before. But in a meeting with police in Bangkok today, the couple withdrew their pleas of innocence and confessed to the crime.

“We have confessed everything,” Wantanee said to reporters after the meeting, “What I have done, what I have said, I did not mean it. That is all. I have confessed to every allegation. I don’t want to say much. I only would like to say that I still love and revere the monarchy.”

Mrs Wanthanee said “She respects the royal institution and was grateful for its mercy and support for her daughter, the former princess, and her family”. You made me laugh! You are joking, right!

The pair was then taken to the Criminal Court, where judges denied their requests for bail after police argued that the couple might attempt to intimidate witnesses or flee the country.

Apiruj has been taken to Bangkok Remand Prison, while Wantanee will be jailed at Central Women Prison.

Why you guys didn’t charge Yingluck with Lese Majeste. It’s the fastest prosecuted cases in Thailand. Couple of weeks and solid conviction, any other case takes at least couple of years in that useless Thai justice system.

The parents of a former Thai princess Srirasmi were jailed for two years and 6 months
The Criminal Court on 3/11/2015 sentenced the parents of former princess Thanpuying Srirasm Suwadee each to two years and six months in prison without suspension for lese majeste.

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