Lese Majeste Card against Thaksin

Last week, interview with South Korea’s Chosun Media. Thaksin Shinawatra accuses Privy Council of colluding with Suthep Thaugsuban and the military to undermine democracy in Thailand.

Today, police are looking to file Lese Majeste and other charges against Thaksin Shinawatra based on one of his interviews in South Korea. The Foreign Affairs Ministry released a statement on Wednesday it had revoked Thaksin Shinawatra’s passports as police believe one of his interviews violated the Lese Majeste and other criminal and computer crime laws. The ministry said in the statement security officials had asked it to take action now that the National Police Bureau had found the content of his interview undermined national security and and tarnished the country’s reputation.

Everyone knows about their game from day one. It doesn’t require a rocket science to explain it.

Ok! King “Prayuth”, you did it by yourself!

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Thaksin, who lives in Dubai, had his passport revoked by a previous Thai government in 2009. He acquired nationality and passports from Montenegro and Nicaragua, enabling him to travel, and the previous government issued him new passports after they came to power in 2011. Yesterday, Thailand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has revoked his two Thai passports.

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