Land of Smiles or Suckers

This is a typical Thai fight where many Thais attack one guy. That poor Farang is lucky to be alive and that knife wasn’t used.

I am not here to talk bad about Thailand or the people of Thailand. Most of the time, you don’t contact the normal decent Thai people because you hang out in tourist areas where bar girls, agogo girls or freelancers dominate the scene. In these areas, The Thai women will be all over you and suddenly, you become “Sexy man”, “Handsome man” and whatever gets you to spend that money, buy that drink or bar fine that girl. Of course, the Thai men will hate you for coming over to their country, banging their women and acting like you are a hot shit!

During your visit to the “Land of Smiles” Watch out for the “Suckers”. Your country laws, rights and freedom don’t work here. It’s a different ball game. Stay cool and don’t become a statistic.

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