Koh Tao murder Trial

Koh Tao murder trial. Will we see Real Justice or Thai Justice!



A look back at the brutal murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller last year on Koh Tao

  • British tourists bodies were found beaten to death, bloodied bodies found naked on Koh Tao beach, Thailand. The bodies were found at around 6.30am on Monday morning by workers, employed to clean the beach.
  • There had been a beach party the previous evening, just a few hundred meters from where they were found on Sai Ree beach.
  • David Miller, 24, from Jersey. He was chopped in the back and on the side of his head. Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Norfolk. She had been chopped in her face and had been raped.
  • Some of the pair’s clothes were located nearby, as was a hoe, which police believe was used in the murder.
  • Their semi-naked bodies were discovered lying on the blood soaked sand on Sairee beach, just a short distance from the Ocean View resort where the two groups of friends had been staying.

I never had any respect for the criminals in uniform and today news, just made me fuming with anger. Another sad day for justice. Thai police is worst than Mafia. The whole world watched the despicable Thai police in full view. Their investigation of the Brits murders in Kho Tao, that if you call that an investigation, maybe intimidation. Always go after the weak, the vulnerable, threaten and intimidate.

Koh Tao island population is 2000 locals. Believe me, If I live in a small island like that. I will know everyone. I will know who take drugs, who is criminal. Who is Mafia. Who runs the show. Who is the big Mafia boss. It’s not like Bangkok. One building in Bangkok maybe has 2000 residents.

What a Joke!!! They didn’t even seal the crime scene. How they are going to seal the whole Island.

It amazes me why the police didn’t seal the whole island immediately and conducted their investigation. They can get DNA from all the criminals on the island and get it over with in a matter of hours. But no, they conduct their stupid investigation on women. Wasting their time taking their foot prints in front of the media. Did a woman raped Hannah Witheridge. Did a woman beat up and killed David Miller.

6 years old kid has more common sense than the Royal Thai Police. Go find out where are the Mafia on the Island and I am sure, you will find the killers.

They sent DNA sample to Singapore for further analysis. Why! is that the first murder case in Thailand, they don’t know what to do?.

Because of the gruesome murder and the international media attention. The top Police commander came to the Island, just for the media.

Chief of Royal Thai Police Somyot Pumphanmuang (center, rich man= worth 355 million baht) looks at the beach murder scene

Thai justice system doesn’t seek justice, if they can’t catch the real criminals or if the real criminals are rich or have connections “forget it”. They just find someone vulnerable to set them up, so they can close the case on books and their statistics looks good. What happened to a solid case backed by witness accounts, facts, documents and forensic evidence. Not in Thailand Justice System.

Poor innocent people get crushed. The rich criminal walks free with a smile on his face. Welcome to “Land of Smiles”.

What a corrupted justice system, from the judge to the police. Guarantee “No Justice”.

The end of a sad tragic murder. Due to the international attention, Thai police arrest vulnerable Burmese, who is working illegally in Thailand and had a confession beaten out of them.

  • To the Corrupt Royal Thai Police, Job well done. Another case closed with no justice served. Above all, you will get rewarded by Prayuth for setting up the poor Burmese scapegoats. Did Prayuth wrote the script for that “Drama” or the Corrupt Royal Thai Police just used the same old script. 

  • To the Burmese scapegoats. I was worried that they will kill you first and then they say we found the killers dead. I don’t know what deal they had with you. Was it money, was it a short jail time, or was it only show for the media and then they will ship you back home with some money. Your only hope now, is in the British ambassador or Myanmar embassy (if they care) . They saw the reports of torture and boiling water used on the Burmese during the investigation  intimidation.


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  1. Disgusting third world murderous Thai savages live off ethnic Chinese industriousness and tourism. They are too stupid, lazy and mindlessly violent to run their own affairs. Lee Kwan Yu was right when he critiqued the Thais as indolent and corrupt. Avoid Thailand at all costs.

  2. Without even trying hard, I have serious doubts that the two Burmese men committed these murders and it’s a terrible shame that they would be sentenced to death in that regard.

    Personally, I zeroed right in on the bearded man (in foreground of the pic), sitting in the bar almost directly across from Hannah. He seems older than the others in the group and the vibe is that he just doesn’t ‘belong’. He is also in a last-known, black/white ‘surveillance’ photo walking down the street about two feet behind Hannah.

    Picture this: Bearded Guy from restaurant finally gets Hannah away from the crowd and he ‘comes on’ to her. She rebuffs his advances and it pisses him off greatly, maybe he even gets physical with her. David comes to see what’s going on and/or interjects himself into the situation, which further agitates Bearded Guy. Bearded Guy leaves but quickly returns with a weapon and surprises David with a blow to the head (hence the gash on the BACK of his head). Hannah is defenseless and Bearded Guy proceeds to sexually assault her and beat her to death.

    Sexual assault aside, there is a stark difference between the wounds suffered by David and those suffered by Hannah. The woulds to Hannah were committed out of pure rage and hatred, whereas David’s wounds were merely to remove an obstacle. The person who committed this crime has serious issues with women and is nothing short of psychopathic. This does not fit the profile of two foreign workers looking to ‘gang rape’ a tourist. What purpose would it serve them to commit a double homicide in a foreign country where the scales of justice would be unlikely to tip in their favor?

    Anyway, I would be very interested in exactly WHO Bearded Guy is, whether or not he was interrogated and what his ‘connections’ are on that island. I could very well be incorrect, but then again, I wouldn’t bother writing my thoughts on a public forum if I thought there wasn’t some merit to the questions/observations I’ve raised.

    Regardless, I hope for the sake of everyone involved, there is TRUTH in justice and the truly guilty are punished.

    1. Doesn’t look like “old bearded guy” would get any justice from you people either. No law against being old. No law against having a beard. And was there a law saying he could not be at that bar ? ? What his connections are with that island ? ? Do you have to have “connections” ? ? Maybe he just likes to travel and have a drink at a bar. I like to travel and have a beer.. Will I now have to always explain myself and ask for permission to leave my house ? ? What evidence do you have that “bearded guy” is suspicious? ? Is it just because he is old… has a beard, and maybe having a drink at a bar ? Sheesh….. I thought ageism died out with racism and sexism…

  3. Daisy,
    Cant agree more with you!
    No one with two ounces of brain believes two poor migrant workers would do this.
    At that time of a night,they are sleep deprived and deep in their dreams,no energy and money for partying..

  4. Its the land of “suicides”. I’m surprised they didnt blame the dead boyfriend & say in an effort to save the girl, villagers attacked him. anyone that goes there has to be nuts.

  5. Everything stated above has a degree of merit. However, the terible lack of justice here in Thailand is dwarfed by the vastly greater police and government corruption of the judicial system in pikiesville – britland – the formerly GREAT ENGLAND.
    ps. (I had to flee britland because of murder threats that brit police assisted and joked about – threats that were actioned with a detonated bomb).

  6. Hannah & David were murdered by the people that ran the last two bars on the beach.Hannah,though intelligent was not worldly.she got into trouble with the sleazy Thia’s who came on to her .David stepped in,yet it seems the pair were ambushed while going back to their digs further along the beach. The head man’s son,brother & associates were the culprits.Those Burmese boys could have been involved in the deception of dumping the bodies in the sea to cover the evidence & truth of what really happened.
    A very sad story of injustice & cruel lust.

  7. Its common knowledge that here in Thailand that the Burmese get fitted up when possible for any major crime particularly those involving foreigners, the reasoning behind it is that if tourist’s believe that Thai’s are not involved then it will not affect their tourism. As for the police or indeed anyone wearing a uniform 99.9% are corrupt, it’s endemic of the Thai society. You only have to check the wealth of high ranking Police. The last chief of police had savings of over $11 million.
    I hope that justice prevails for the two mayamar lads, but I’m not holding my breath.

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