King’s Dog Vs. The People

Thanakorn Siripaiboon, a hard working factory worker was charged on Monday with making a sarcastic Internet post about the king’s dog “Tongdaeng”. Thanakorn can get up to 37 years in prison.

To all hard working Thai people:

  • Thailand’s Lese Majeste law includes the Royal dogs. Maybe, you say Tongdaeng was a stray street dog and was adopted by the King on Dec 13, 1998. Get smart now, On that day, she is not a commoner any more. Khun Tongdaeng is a Respectable Royal Bitch. (Fact: Bitch is a female dog) and protected by Thailand’s Lese Majeste law.
  • Was the main reason for his arrest, posting that Infographic about Rajabhakti Park corruption.
    • Junta is doing a doggy job fighting corruption, “the Thai way”.
    • They are robbing the country in broad day light, of millions billions with no shame and no accountability (they investigate themselves and of course they are cleared from any wrongdoings. Amazing Thailand!). It’s nice to see these army generals with declared assets of 300 million bahts on a government salary (that doesn’t include the hidden undeclared assets. It’s JuntaLand!).
    • They arrest whoever accuses them of corruption and they have the nerve to say “Why do you want to divide the country?”, “Why do you insult the monarchy”, “Lese Majeste article 112”. Rotten in Jail. Ungrateful hard working poor Thai, you are at the bottom of our mighty hierarchy. Never question your Masters

Long Live Khun Tongdaeng, a common dog who is uncommon.

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