Koh Tao murders investigation (Warning: Graphic Images)


Thai police handling of the investigation into the murders of British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on Koh Tao is disgrace. The Thai police is lost, confused, clueless.

Koh Tao island population is 2000 locals. Believe me, If I live in a small island like that. I will know everyone. I will know who take drugs, who is criminal. Who is Mafia. Who runs the show. Who is the big Mafia boss. It’s not like Bangkok. One building in Bangkok maybe has 2000 residents.


What a Joke!!! They didn’t even seal the crime scene. How they are going to seal the whole Island.

It amazes me why the police didn’t seal the whole island immediately and conducted their investigation. They can get DNA from all the criminals on the island and get it over with in a matter of hours. But no, they conduct their stupid investigation on women. Wasting their time taking their foot prints in front of the media. Did a woman raped Hannah Witheridge. Did a woman beat up and killed David Miller.


6 years old kid has more common sense than the Royal Thai Police. Go find out who takes Yaba on that island. Who is Mafia and I am sure, you will find the killers.

They send DNA sample to Singapore for further analysis. They did ask the FBI for help. Why! is that the first murder case in Thailand, they don’t know what to do?.

The Thai Police always say about most of the murder cases “it’s suicide”. Just to close the case without any further investigation.

Thai Royal Police are so busy. Collecting business protection money and bribes that targets bars, agogos, night clubs. Any business the police can target to get their monthly cut. Selling Yaba. Extortion or kidnapping.

Oh my Buddha, Royal Thai Police is better than Mafia.

Because of the gruesome murder and the international media attention. The top Police commander came to the Island, just for the media.

Chief of Royal Thai Police Somyot Pumphanmuang (centre) looks at the beach murder scene

Chief of Royal Thai Police Somyot Pumphanmuang (centre, rich man= worth 355 million baht) looks at the beach murder scene

Thai justice system doesn’t seek justice, if they can’t catch the real criminals or if the real criminals are rich or have connections “forget it”. They just find someone vulnerable to set them up, so they can close the case on books and their statistics looks good. What happened to a solid case backed by witness accounts, facts, documents and forensic evidence. Not in Thailand Justice System.

Poor innocent people get crushed. The rich criminal walks free with a smile on his face. Welcome to “Land of Smiles”.

After they force you to confess with a crime, that you never did. They come and tell you “If you want all these charges dropped and your case closed without trial. You have to pay that amount of money (it varies accordingly)”. If you ask them why 100,000 baht. It’s too much. Their answer will be ” your case went to the judge and we have to pay the judge to close the case”.

What a corrupted justice system, from the judge to the police. Guarantee “No Justice”.

If you don’t have the money. You will find yourself convicted of a crime, you didn’t even commit but you were so stupid to confess that you did, because of their scary, unjust, illegal tactics. But, If you have money or connections. You are untouchable.

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