Karma Has No Mercy

How much money was stolen by the corrupted few when they bought these 12 Swedish Gripen jet fighters. Karma has no mercy! Sqn Ldr Dilokrit Pattavee, 34, a pilot from Surat Thani-based Wing 7, was killed when a Swedish-made Gripen JAS 39C crashed and exploded in front of children and parents near a runway during an air show on Saturday as part of Children’s Day activities at Wing 56 in Hat Yai in Songkhla. Sqd Ldr Dilokrit, 34, was the eldest son of Air Chief Marshal Arom Pattawee, former deputy chief-of-staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. Looking at the numbers, I see, at least 100 million baht inflated in each Jet price, that’s over 1 billion baht for the 12 Jets. What a nice Pocket money for the Corrupt Thai Top Ranks! That’s of course after counting the expensive extras, which are always added to the Thai government contracts to cover their shady deals, ranging from radar systems to training/room+board in Sweden for a year for the selected Thai Pilots.

squadron-leader-dilokrit-pattawee-poses-with-his-bride-in-a-sept-4-2015-Karma has no mercy

Karma has no mercy! Sqd Ldr Dilokrit, 34, was the eldest son of Air Chief Marshal Arom Pattawee, former deputy chief-of-staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces
Sqd Ldr Dilokrit, 34, was the eldest son of Air Chief Marshal Arom Pattawee, former deputy chief-of-staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces

Did Dilokrit Pattavee’s Father, the former deputy chief-of-staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces had any part of these shady deals! Karma has No Mercy!!!thailand-2005-2016 Budget

  • Army corruptions are in Billions. Military spending rose sharply after the Sept 19, 2006 coup that overthrew the Thaksin Shinawatra administration.
  • The Defense Ministry’s spending in 2007, during the coup-installed Gen Surayuth Chulanond administration, shot up by 33.8% to more than 115 billion baht, from 85.9 billion in the 2006 fiscal year. In the 2008 fiscal year, defence expenditure rose by 24.7% from the year before to 143 billion baht. Under the Samak Sundaravej and Abhisit Vejjajiva administrations, military budgets rose by 24.7% in 2008 and 18.5% in 2009 respectively. 2017 defense budget = 214 Billion Baht.

GT200 Fake Useless Bomb Detectors: 772 devices worth One Billion Bahtminister-of-interior-affairs-chaovarat-chanweerakul-center-on-dec

The Thai military is a source of cost overruns and corruption allegations. Who forgets the GT200 bomb detectors that turned out to be an embarrassing scam. They are lumps of plastic with no working mechanical parts.

Army commander Anupong Paojinda was the one who approved the purchase for 1.4 million baht each in 2009.

UK finally arrested and convicted British fraudster Gary Bolton in 2013 for making millions selling the fake GT200, which he billed as a “magic wand” able to detect tiny particles of explosives or drugs from hundreds of meters away. He bought cheap plastic parts from China and assembled the devices in a shed in their backyard and sold them to Thailand’s Corrupt Army.

772 devices worth one Billion Baht. How many died using these fake bomb detectors in the south! How much money these corrupt Thai Army generals stole from that deal!

 Sky Dragon: 350 million bahtthe-royal-thai-army-350-million-baht-surveillance-airship

  • Who forgets the 350 million baht purchase of a leaky surveillance which the army has named “Sky Dragon.”  that airship is the brainchild of Gen Anupong and his second-in-command, Gen Prayuth at that time. General Anupong had reportedly agreed to purchase 3 airships for the army. The airship has seepage holes and it initially costs 2.8 million baht to inflate and then Bt300,000 a month has been required to keep it filled with helium to prevent further leaks.

Something fishy in these deals, money and corruption rules Thailand Royal Army. Wealthy Generals on Top. Not the poor enlisted soldiers. No wealth sharing. No piece of the pie. It’s the whole pie.

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