A show of power in Junta Land.

Today, Prayuth, the Junta head ordered 155 political leaders, including the Shinawatra clan and both pro- and anti-government protesters to report to him at Thai army headquarters in Bangkok.

The army told them, not to bring their cell phones to the meeting, then they detained Yingluck, her sister and brother-in-law,”.

Yingluck was held at an army base in Saraburi province, north of Bangkok. Under a martial law provision allowing the military to hold people for up to seven days without charge.

The junta, which is already holding most of the government it ousted in a coup in secret locations against their will, said it would keep former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra and others in custody for up to a week to give them “Time to Think”. 

Time to Think!

  • Our Way, not Your Way. Time to accept our illegitimate actions. Time to forget about democracy, freedom.
  • Behave or no Internet. We set the time for you to go home and the time that you can leave home. If you disagree, We have the right to shoot you.
  • You have no right to express your views. No right to have fundamental rights. No Free Speech. No Free movement. TV, what TV. Internet, Lucky we kept the internet until now.
  • We have the right to detain you for a week without any charges. so, you can have “Time to Think”.
  • Democracy is not good for you. Junta Dictatorship fits you perfectly.

Simply, you have no rights whatsoever. Don’t think your way or the right way. We are giving you “Time to Think” Our Way.

Don’t Think “It is your constitutional right” because we suspended the Constitution. We are the Law, We are the Constitution, We are your worst Nightmare. Welcome to Thailand JuntaLand.

A Thai activist is detained by soldiers during a demonstration against the military coup at a shopping district in central Bangkok, Thailand, 25 May 2014. Thailand’s junta on 25 May 2014 warned people not to join protests against last week’s coup, amid signs of sporadic resistance to military rule. Martial law prohibits all political gatherings of more than five people. Thailand’s army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha seized power with a coup d’etat on 22 May and placed the country under martial law, detaining at least 150 politicians, activists and scholars over the past three days.

Reports circulating that the military was attempting to detain red shirts in the north and north-east of the country. The army has also closed off a Thailand-Laos border crossing in an attempt to prevent them fleeing the country.

It’s a Thaksin thing! Squeeze her out, in between Prayuth and Prem


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