Junta in Power

Junta in power for one month. If you wonder, Where is the Prince hiding during these critical times!

Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn spotted in Bavaria, Germany, visiting a garden centre in a Porsche 911, of course performing his Royal duties where he is needed most, Bavaria, Germany. I do like the way they open the car door. I will hire someone to open the car door for me one day like that so I can feel “Royal”. I mean “Thai Royal”..

prince-vajiralongkorn-GermanyCan you just buy a Sandwich and eat it?

Wake up. You are in Thailand   “JuntaLand”. It’s now illegal to eat a sandwich outside of the shop where you bought it. Don’t risk arrest over a Sandwich. Subway will be out of business soon. Anyway, just enjoy the good Thai food. What are you doing eating a Sandwich in Thailand anyway. Eat Papaya Salad 🙂

Don’t get smart with me now and ask if you can eat “ice cream sandwich” !. Go to Junta site and find a list of what you can eat. Be safe than sorry. To the sandwich loyal eaters, just enjoy it in the Military accommodations with enough time to think about changing your eating habits. Time for me to go eat and enjoy my SANDWICH, “General“.

If you are one of the 70 people who paid 10,000 baht for Suthep charity dinner, out of luck. Party canceled. 

Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has called off his charity dinner party to be held Saturday after the military junta banned the party.

The event to be held on Saturday night at the Pacific Club in Bangkok is intended to raise funds for PDRC protesters injured in violence during the group’s six-month-long street protests in Bangkok and other provinces.

Suthep said at his fund-raiser last weekend that he had been in regular contact with General Prayuth and been advising the Junta chief on how to unseat the Thaksin regime since 2010.

[Suthep said he chats regularly to Gen Prayuth and his team via the Line chat app. “Before martial law was declared, Gen Prayuth told me ‘Khun Suthep and your masses of PDRC supporters are too exhausted. It’s now the duty of the army to take over the task’, Suthep said” ]

Suthep, How can you do that?. That’s suppose to be a SECRET.

You got drunk at the fund-raiser party last weekend and revealed the secret that everyone already knows. Suthep, you can’t mention these secrets and expect that General Prayuth will let you continue your parties. Look what have you done, you embarrassed the General so he canceled your Parties and send you home to Surat Thani.  Stupid! talk too much.

Of course, Gen Prayuth denies having talked or exchanged messages in private with Suthep. We believe you “General”. Whatever you say. Whatever you do. We are so “Happy”.


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